What is Silent Cacophony?

Silent Cacophony was born a long, long time ago. I remember exactly how it started.I was fishing through the dictionary and came across this wonderful word “cacophony.” It meant a harsh or discordant sound. I didn’t even know how to pronounce the word at the time, but it resonated with me for some reason. I also immediately thought of the oxymoron “Silent Cacophony.”

This term energized me. It felt like a description of who I was. I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere. I hadn’t yet discovered my place in the world. I tried to make noise so people could know me but it didn’t work. I felt invisible. This was the perfect term to describe myself.

It was also the perfect term to describe the act of writing. Words can speak volumes even though they make no noise at all.

So I decided this term would be the title of the book I had always wanted to write. I was a teenager at the time and I thought I had all the answers (boy was I naïve.) Anyway I wrote my observations about life in a coil notebook. I didn’t follow through with it though. The book was never completed.

Years later, I decided to start writing seriously. I wrote a screenplay and had a few other ideas floating around in my head for some novels. I thought I should have an on-line presence if I wanted to become an author so I established this blog. Right away, I knew my blog needed to be titled “Silent Cacophony.” I was glad it was available in blogspot and I got right to work.


Since then, I have written a great many things. You can check out the “Bibliography” tab just under my header to see a description of each work as well as an excerpt, or in some cases, the entire work.

Teachers will be interested in Teaching Tip Tuesdays, a regular feature here where I share some of the things that have worked successfully for me in my classroom. The “Teaching Tips” tab gives you an easy to navigate directory off all the tips. They are grouped by theme as well as the order they first appeared on the blog.

“Interview Podcasts” will lead you to a gallery of great musicians and artists. Most of the interviews are available as free downloads so you can hear the entire interview complete with songs. They interviews are also available to read as blog posts so you can download the interview for free and read along as you listen. Or you can burn it to a CD, download it to your iPod and take it with you to listen anywhere.

“Hip Hop History” will take you to my monthly radio documentary series entitled “Know Your History” I write and produce episodes that dive deep into hip-hop music and culture. Be prepared to be educated and entertained.

“DJ Services” will tell you all you need to know about booking me to host or DJ your event.

Please “Contact Me.” I’m always eager to hear from you. I’d love to hear your comments and questions. I would also like to have some teachers write guest posts for the Teaching Tip Tuesday series. If you are interested in that, please let me know.


“Chasing Content” is a monthly feature where I highlight the best posts of the month from the year before. It’s a great first place to start exploring the Silent Cacophony archives.
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And don’t forget to check out my Bibliography where you can read some of my work.

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