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McLennan Skatepark – Kitchener

McLennan Park

McLennan Park is located at 901 Ottawa Street South in Kitchener, Ontario and it is quite the place to visit for an afternoon of family fun. They have a leash-free dog park, a splash pad, basketball courts, a dirt bike course, a playground, and a great skateboard park.


This is one of the few parks in the area that has a full-sized bowl.

pool ledge coping

There are places where you can skate it just like a half-pipe. It even has an extra tall wall with pool-style coping at the top.

Street Course

And for the new-era skateboarders, it has a nice street course as well.

double camel hump

The double camel humps are a lot of fun.

launch ramp

There are plenty of places to grind.


This quarter-pipe is quite nice.

stairs and grind ledge

Here is a shot of the three-step, downslope ledge, jump ramp, and incline.


These stairs are more for the advanced skateboarders.


I’ve been to this park many times and have yet to see anyone use this obstacle.

hardcore plaque

This is a great park and very enjoyable to skate. Come skate it with me some day!

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Parkdale Arena Skatepark – Hamilton, Ontario

Parkdale Arena Skatepark

Right outside of the Pat Quinn Parkdale Arena in Hamilton, Ontario is a little gem of a skatepark.

Parkdale skateboard park

It has a nice quarter-pipe, some drop ledges, and a box to grind.

Pyramid ramp

This pyramid obstacle is a nice twist on the ever-present skatepark staple.

quarter pipe

The quarter-pipe is built perfectly. It’s not too steep, has a great incline, and it easy to do all sorts of tricks on for the  beginning or amateur skateboarder.

ramp with rail

The launch ramp also has a rail built right into it.

skateboard ramp

And for those of us that prefer ledges, there is this obstacle on the other side.

Parkdale Skatepark

This was my first time here, but if I find myself in this area again, I will definitely drop in for a quick skate session.

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Delaware Lions Skatepark

Delaware Skatepark

The Delaware Lions Club has been working hard to bring a skatepark to the community for over a year now. This weekend, they officially opening the park.

Ribbon Cutting

The mayor, members of parliament, the local hockey team, the fire department, and plenty of visitors were on hand to witness the grand opening ceremonies.

Double Quarter-Pipe

The park is really nice. It has a double quarter-pipe with a small spine between them.

Launch Ramp

There are two launch ramps. This one has no coping at the top.

Rail and box

And it leads to a rail and a box to do some grinds on.

Lions Skatpark Official Opening

It was a great morning of skating, free food, and community involvement.

Pool Ledge Coping

This ledge has pool-styled coping that isn’t found in a lot of skateparks. It’s a unique feature.


This pyramid is a strange combination. It is close to a China Gap but is filled in with a slight curve in the middle.


The other launch ramp is a quarter-pipe and leads towards . . .

Getting Air

a set of stairs and another down slope.

London Skateboard Co-op

Members of the London Skateboard Co-op team were on hand to perform a variety of tricks at this new park.

Delaware Skatepark is located at Lions Park just across the street from Delaware Central Public School.

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Lions Skatepark Opening Next Week


The Delaware Lions Club has been working hard to bring a skatepark to the community. All the hard work pays off tomorrow when they unveil the park to the public for the first time.

The London Skateboard Co-op will have its team on hand and perform a demo for the spectators.

It all gets started tomorrow, Saturday September 19, 2015 at West Lions Park 20 Granville St, London, ON N6H 2B1

The event gets started at 11:00 a.m. and there will be a barbeque as well.

Hope to see you out!

NOTE – Due to the rain, this event has been moved to next Saturday September 26th

So now, you can come skate for the day and then go to the Lions Club concert “Hip-Hop in the Brydges” afterwards

Kitchener Aud Skatepark

Kitchener Aud Skatepark

This skatepark is known affectionately as The Aud.


Located outside of The Kitchener Auditorium, it is a nice place for both the experienced skateboarder and the novice.


Here is a double-layered box,


some grind rails and ledges,

Hill Ledge

and a double camel hump. It’s a little hard to see the contour of it in this photo, but it is a nice obstacle to skate. And one that I have never seen elsewhere.

Launch Ramp with Rail

Here is the launch ramp with a rail to slide or grind.


This pyramid has metal grind bars on it that are very nice for the beginner to experiment with.


This quarter-pipe is a little steep. It reminds me of the Widow Maker at Beasley in Hamilton.

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Doon Skatium – Kitchener’s Mobile Skatepark

Doon Skatium

Kitchener has a mobile skatepark that it sets up in various neighbourhoods throughout the city. It is called “Doon Skatium”

Doon Box

They often set up shop outside of the Pioneer Park branch of the Public Library

Doon Rail

I love this rail! It is great for beginners, since you can skate right on to it without having to olley.

Doon Fun Box

They have an array of ramps that include a fun box, quarter-pipes,

Doon Launch Ramp

a launch ramp, and more. Apparently, they have more ramps in the trailer that they can set up depending on the crowd any particular night.

Doon Mobile Skatepark

Here’s an idea of what the whole mobile park looks like when it is set up. Apparently, there were more ramps that they could have brought out as well.

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Beasley Skatepark – Hamilton


Beasley is the first permanent outdoor skateboard park that I had ever seen.

Beasley Bowl

It’s the oldest skatepark on the entire Eastern Seaboard. People have been coming here since the mid 1980s to skate.

Bottom of the Bowl Addition'

I skated here a lot when I was a kid and it wasn’t until many years later that parks like this became commonplace.

When I skated here as a teenager, this ramp didn’t even exist. Skaters have been maintaining and improving the park for years now.

Bowl Addition

This ramp is a new addition as well. It’s only about five years old.

piano ledge

I love the look and feel of this park.


It was nice to get back here after all these years and enjoy a skate on a very familiar park.

quarter pipe

This is the famous Widow Maker quarter-pipe.


a standard rail,

start ramp

and the launch ramp.

This weekend, they are running their 23rd Annual Sk8 Jam.

Beasley 23

It’s always a lot of fun. Hope to see you there!

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Beasley Skatepark Documentary

It’s very cool to skateboarders taking such ownership of their neighbourhood park. Beasely has such a rich history and I was there for some of it. I was sitting on the sidelines at the very skateboard competition shown in this documentary.

I went every single year, sat on my board, and watched very talented skaters do all sorts of crazy tricks. It was always a lot of fun. I miss those days. Haven’t been to the Annual Beasley Competition in years. Perhaps I should do something about that.

The 23rd Annual Sk8 Jam runs next weekend, Saturday August 15th, 2015.

Beasley 23

I’m going to do my best to get back to my hometown for this. It is always a great event! Hope to see you there!

Find out more about this park and their events from The Hamilton Skateboard Assembly Facebook Page.

Skate Port – Port Stanley’s Skatepark

2015-07-02 10.37.18

The skatepark in Port Stanley, Ontario is known as Skate Port. I love that play on words.

Kai Rasmussen

It was nice to see this plaque on the side of one of the ramps. It reads, “Dedicated to the man with a kid’s heart, who saw a dream and fulfilled it. Kai Rasmussen Skate Port”

SkatePort Box

This must be a common template. I have seen this obstacle time and time again at various skateparks.

SkatePort Launch Ramp

The ramps are very colourful at this park.

Skateport Quarter Pipe

The quarter-pipe is a little steep, in my humble opinion.

SkatePort Rail

It’s not the best park that I’ve ever been to, but it is still nice to see that we have places to skate like this all over the place in various cities and townships.

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Turner Skatepark – Hamilton, Ontario

Police Station Skatepark

Turner Skateboard Park is an amazing facility located on the Hamilton Mountain.

Clean Park No Graffiti

It is one of the only outdoor skateparks that has managed to remain graffiti free. It’s very nice to have a clean, smooth park to skate on. It’s a little thing, but I really appreciate it.

No Bikes Allowed

I also love the fact that this park is specifically for skateboarders. Bicycles are also not allowed.

Skateboard Bench Mod

This bench had been vandalized but it was probably done by a skateboard fanatic. One of the locals taught me how to use my board to take a quick break from skating.

Turner Park Bowl

The bowl is quite nice with different levels to it as well.

Turner Park Ledge

Here is a ledge to get your grind on.

Turner Park Mini-Stairs and Rail

And if you don’t like jumping a large staircase . . .

Turner Park Mini-Stairs

there is a nice starting one here.

Turner Park Rail

This rail is a little higher than I would like it to be. But plenty of skaters seemed to be doing all sorts of grinds and slides on it.

Turner Park Ramp

This park seems to cater to skaters who love to go big.

Turner Park Wing

These are interesting obstacles to skate.

Turner Skatepark Hamilton

The park is extremely clean and smooth. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that it is located directly beside a police station. Either way, I’m not complaining at all. It’s nice!

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National Go Skateboard Day!

Go Skateboard DayNational Go Skateboard Day is tomorrow!

It’s a day where skateboarders from all over the world celebrate their passion for the sport. They are special events, competitions, give-aways, and skate sessions happening all day long.

West 49 has a list of the events and competitions that are happening all throughout Canada.

I plan on attending the event at Iceland in Mississauga. Their park is beautiful and quite large. And they will be having contests throughout the afternoon based on age group. Hope they have one for old-fogies like me. They will even have some coached on hand. Maybe I can finally learn how to kickflip.

Here is one of my favourite pictures from last year.

Go Skate with a Kid

Hope to get a few new pictures tomorrow, land some good tricks, and have fun with family and friends.

Will I see you there?

Walpole Island Skatepark

Let’s go explore the skatepark at Walpole Island First Nation.

Walpole Island Skatepark

It’s one of the first things you see when you drive over the bridge and enter the reservation.

WI Block

There are all sorts of ledges to grind.

WI Ledge

The quarter pipe is a little taller than I would like it to be. This park is made for advanced skaters though.

WI quarter pipe

I love the political graffiti on it.

run 014

It says “Idle No More” and has a picture of a turtle on it which brings up the image of Turtle Island, an important creation story in First Nation Culture.

WI rail

It has a traditional rail to grind on,

WI ramp 2

stairs with a rail to jump or grind,

WI Ramp

and several launch ramps.

WI spine

I really enjoyed skating here yesterday afternoon and will definitely skate this park again when I am in the area next.

Hope to see you there!

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St. Julien Skatepark – London, Ontario

Skateboard season is back!

St Juilien Skatepark

Let’s go to 15 St Julien Street in London, Ontario, Canada and explore the skatepark that’s there.

St Julien skatepark

I’m not sure why this park doesn’t have an official name or any signage . Everyone just calls it St. Julien Skatepark or St. Julien’s.


It has some pretty cool obstacles and enough room to just zoom around.

launch ramp

Here’s a mini-launch ramp.

quarter pipe twins

These twin quarter-pipes are nice!


I like that this park is clean (not a lot of graffiti) and the skate surface is really smooth.

block and rail

I hope you enjoyed this visual skatepark tour and that I will see you out at one of these parks this summer!

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White Oaks Skatepark – London, ON

I really didn’t think I’d get the chance to skateboard during the Christmas holiday break. But due to warmer than season temperatures and nice weather, I found myself at the newly redesigned White Oaks Skatepark.

White Oaks Optimist Park

It’s really close to the mall of the same name and a great place to skate.

White Oaks Skatepark

The park is a nice size and has a great flow to it.

White Oaks quarter-pipe

This quarter-pipe lets you launch towards two different sections of the park. It is a little steep for my liking but well-designed nonetheless.

White Oaks Stairs

Nice stairs and down-ramps. I like the three stairs to ramp portion!

White Oaks box

There is a series of boxes and edges to do grinds and other tricks on spread out throughout the park.

White Oaks Spine

This is quite typical for the middle obstacle at outdoor skateparks.

White Oaks skatepark 2

I had a great time skating here last week and will definitely be coming back soon.

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Barracks Skatepark (London, Ontario)

Barracks Skatepark 2

Wolseley Skatepark in London, Ontario is skateboard wonderland.

Barracks Skatepark 1

The park is huge and has a great flow to it. Several skaters, BMXers, and scooter kids can ride here and not get in each other’s way often.

Barracks Skatepark 3

There are a bunch of stairs and rails throughout the course.

Barracks wide shot

The only thing missing here is a mini-ramp half pipe.


But it does have this really cool kidney-shaped bowl. It’s about eight feet deep and scary to drop in.

I slid in, then threw my board under my feet, and had a great time skating around in it.

quarter pipe

This is a nice quarter pipe. I just wish it wasn’t elevated so much with a fairly big drop-off at the back.

street course 2

This is part of the street course which stands off to the side of the ramps and obstacles.

street course

There are launch ramps, a box, and a few rails. Plus there is a lot of room to do ollies, kickflips, manuals, and other flatland tricks.

stairs and ramp

This is a launch ramp to enter the coolest obstacle of all at this park.

waves and spine

There is a three bump wave here that feels amazing to go zooming over. Right beside it is a spine, wave, spine combination.

I had so much fun skating here and I bet you will too.

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West Lions Skatepark (London, ON)

West Lions Park

I’ve been living in London for a few years now and I only just discovered this amazing skatepark.

West Lions Halfpipe

It has the best half-pipe that I have ever seen at a free outdoor facility.


I like that the ramp is wide and not too tall. It is also very well-maintained.

Street Course

West Lions Park looks like a great place to spend an afternoon. Besides the half-pipe, there is a cute little street course. It is a bit small but nice nonetheless. I love the contour for doing tricks along the edge and the rail blocks that aren’t as scary as regular rails.

There is also a Splash Pad on the site to cool down after a great skate session.

Nice Rail

This might just be my new favourite skate spot.

Skatepark Zone

I hope you enjoyed this tour of The West Lions Skatepark Zone and I hope to see you out there one day this summer!

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It’s Go Skateboarding Day!

go-skateboarding-day-logo-whiteToday is National Go Skateboarding Day!

There are all sorts of events, competitions, demonstrations, and fun for the entire family to be had today at skateparks all over the world.

Search for an event near you and go to a local event. Here are some of the great events you can attend in Southern, Ontario.

And if none of those tickle your fancy, a quick Google search will help you find one closer.

Enter to Win a Skateboard Prize Pack . . .

Take a photo at any West 49 Go Skateboarding Day Event, or between June 21st and June 26th, share it to Instagram or Twitter with hashtag #W49GoSkate to be instantly entered to win a Pro Skate Package, a $100 West 49 Gift Card, and a Dine Alone Records CD & Merchandise package!

Some Music to Celebrate! 

Download Music for Skaters: A Mixtape (free album version with skippable tracks) Or stream it with the player below.

Nothing Better than a Good Street Fest

This past weekend, the main street in Downtown London was closed to traffic and the Forest City threw an amazing Street Party!

Trails Open Gainsborough 022

My campus radio station was highlighting local talent on two different stages along the two kilometers of Dundas Street.

Trails Open Gainsborough 023

There were plenty of vendors to visit and activities to do.

Trails Open Gainsborough 021

I’ve been to plenty of street parties and invariably, there are usually a few skateboarders there, but I’d never seen a make-shift skatepark as part of the celebration.

They had three quarter-pipes, a box, and a rail. They organizers gave away prizes randomly for great tricks too. There were quite a few skaters and an enthusiastic audience. It was definitely one of the highlights of Dundas Street Fest!

What an awesome weekend!

Basil Grover Skatepark – London, Ontario

Let’s go for an early morning skate at Basil Grover Park.

This small skateboard park is located at the corner of Wharncliffe and Commissioners in London, Ontario, Canada.

I wish this launch ramp angled directly to the ground. The gap does make it a little more difficult though.

I appreciate the low level block in the middle of the course. It’s perfect for grinding and you don’t have to worry about falling very far.

There are plenty of obstacles to do tricks on and you have the option of using the launch ramp or the long paved path to build up speed first.

The sitting area off to the side is a nice touch as well.

Overall, this is a nice park. I really enjoyed my early morning skate today.

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