WIB Rap Radio – Boom Session

Word is Bond Rap Radio presents the Boom Session, two hours of great hip-hop music mixed live on 94.9 fm Radio Western.

We start out with a song that is sparking a bit of controversy. I would love to know what you think of it. Please leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Enjoy the show!

Joyner Lucas – I’m Not Racist
Krumbsnatcha & LS Def – Million Dollar Nature
Young RJ ft Pete Rock and Boldy James – Wait Up
Solo for Dolo dt El Da Sensei – Boom Session
Drag Yard ft Dro Pesci, M3 The Menace, Shatike & Shabaam Sahdeeq – NY Giants II
Chan Hays ft Supastition and One Be Lo – Never Knew
Ice Grill ft Eto – Bad Vibes
Philly Moves – Old as F*ck (Mad Hattr remix)
Sharky – Enduring Freedom
Derty Mac – Nonsense
Ezri – On & On
Touch – The Monkey King
Blazin – Stages
Hex One – Where I’ll Go
Verbal Kent and Superior – For the Love
The Last American B-Boy ft Rock – BBoy Rock
Factor Chandelier & Open Mike Eagle – Dozer II
LS Camp – That’s All
KXNG Crooked – Homewrecker
PMD – Good to Go
DJ Format and Abdominal – Forged From Hardship (Dutty Moonshine Big Band Remix)
Eric B & Rakim – Don’t Sweat the Technique
Hip Club Groove – Rugged Operator
Nice & Smooth – Sometimes I Rhyme Slow
Jon Glass ft Pat Liban, Reks, and Terminology – Everything’s Been Changed
Venom ft Rah Digga – Ruff and Tuff
Scales Empire – Bright Lights Big City
Configa ft Craig G – From the Soul
Tabesh & Syras ft Ruste Juxx – Deadlock
Lucid Music – Another Day

Bonus Episode Tomorrow

All Women’s Voices Special – Wednesday December 6th at 4:00 a.m.

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Teach Like TED

Every now and then I read a book that has nothing to do with education and I see the work in a way that the author probably never intended.

Talk Like TED by Carmine Gallo is an examination of what makes some of the best TED talks successful. Gallo breaks down the public speaking secrets that can make a presentation great. Even if you never plan to give a TED talk, you can learn from his analysis, advice, and findings.

Teach Like TED

As I read this book, I thought, this could definitely apply to teaching. Perhaps we should try to teach like TED. Here’s how.

Keep It Short (<18 minutes)

TED talks are never any longer than 18 minutes, which seems to be the perfect length. After that, your audience will start to lose interest. And when your audience is a group of disengaged students in a class, this is even more true.

I try not to stand up at the front of the room and just talk. And whenever I do, I try my best to keep it to under twenty minutes.

Less Words on the Screen or Board

The best TED Talks also used very little text in the presentations. Apparently, it is difficult to read a lot of words on the screen and pay attention to the words that are being spoken. Instead, finding an image that compliments what you are saying is much more effective.

Once again, we can apply this technique to the classroom when we are talking at the front of the room.

Educator Books Outside of Education

It just goes to show that some of the best books that can inform your teaching are not found in the education section.

Has TED inspired your classroom practice?

If so, please leave a comment and share how. Thanks!

Teaching Tip Tuesday – Over 200 tips, tricks, and lessons from my classroom to yours.

Glen Rouge Trail – Toronto

I had a good run through the Rouge Park Trails late in the summer and have been meaning to share the experience with you for a few months.

The trail head starts just outside of Glen Rouge Campground in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. There is free parking there as well.

I love being able to run alongside a river.

This one has some safety features that I haven’t seen on other trail runs.

The trails weren’t clearly marked, but I did come across this sign.

These stairs are very cool. I love how they are made out of large logs.

It felt like I was far away from the hustle and the bustle of the city, even though the highway was fairly close.

I am grateful for these signs about poisonous plants.

I am not sure why they can’t just get rid of these poisonous plants completely. But at least, they are off to the side of the trail.

More Photographic Tours

WIB Rap Radio – Under the Weather

I was feeling a little under the weather Monday night, but that wasn’t going to stop me from bringing you another live edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio.

I was supposed to have a guest calling in, but maybe it’s good that he didn’t. You can tell that I didn’t have much of a voice to do an in-depth interview this week. So, I hit you with two hours of great music mixed live on the radio featuring these great tracks . . .

Moon Crickets – Rapocalypse
Evidence – Jim Dean
Jon Glass ft Rapper Big Pooh – Walk With Me
Agallah ft Edo.G – Synthetic Thugs
Blakface ft Planet Asia – Less Talking
Maestro Fresh Wes ft Ivani Santilli – Tomorrow Never Promised
Chan Hays ft Skyzoo – Running
Blu & Exile – PArty of Two
David Begun ft Fugees and Bob Marley – Lost One Love
Hex One – Leave It All Behind
K-os – Rise Like the Sun (Headrush Mix)
Lucid Music – Warning
Amerigo Gazaway ft Common and Stevie Wonder – Sugar By The Pound
Run-DMC – My Adidas
Big Daddy Kane – Young Black and Gifted
Gangstarr – Rite Where You Stand
Rakim – When I Be on Tha Mic
Lyrical Mind ft Chase March – I Wanna Know
PMD – One
Dres – Patience
M-Dot prod by Jon Glass – Price of Love
Shad – Koko B Ware
Med, Blu, and Madlib – Even Though
The Outsiders – Goner
INF & Edd Bundy – The One
Polymathematics – The State
Es Nine Ft Supastition – Outside Lookin In
Cipher – Dues
Mic Boyd – I Get Around
Career Crooks – Newlywed

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Medway Skatepark (London, ON)

Medway Skatepark is located at 1051 Wonderland Road in London, Ontario, Canada.

It has a large bowl with four different areas to carve,

a mullet spine to do some transfers on,

a vert wall,

and a small street course with wave bumps.

It’s a nice park with a good flow to it.

It’s definitely meant for intermediate to advanced skaters, but I had a lot of fun skating iut today and I’m sure you will too.

Want to see more?

Virtual Skatepark Tours – with 30 great places to skateboard

Fortunato on WIB Rap Radio

Fortunato is the special guest for this edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio.

We provide you with real hip-hop music and talk every single week on your radio dial, internet stream, and podcast.

In this episode, we play brand new music from Grand Analog featuring Posdnous of De La Soul, the new not-quite title track from Lucid Music’s new project, and an exclusive track from the man himself, Fortunato.

Let us know you are listening with a like, share, or repost.


Verbal Kent and Superior – Classic Sh*t
Grand Analog ft Posdnous – Mutations
J Shiltz and Royce Birth – The Outsiders
Primal Winds ft Fortunato – The Stakes
Alpha Faktion – The Lineage
LS Camp ft El Da Sensei – Body Guard
Zagnif Nori – Boilemakers
Hex One – Flava For Ya Mind
Edo.G – Left Behind
Fortunato – Plain to See
PMD ft Erick Sermon – The Real is Gone
Lucid Music – Except Us
OC from NC ft Boog Brown – Turning Point
The Nicest – Triffling
A Tribe Called Quest – Dis Generation
A.N.D. – True & Living
E-Turn – The Get Back
Fortunato – What I Got to Say
Fortunato ft Ghettosocks and Tachichi – Closer Look
Fortunato – Prove Them Wrong
Branded Moore ft Exit Only – DumDums
Pharcyde – Otha Fish
Common – The Corner
Nas – One Time 4 Ya Mind
2pac – Life Goes On
MC Eiht – Streiht Up Menace

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An Education Disrupter Transforms A School and Community

Hamish Brewer calls himself an “Educational Disrupter.” Not content with the way things were in education, he dedicated himself to breaking the mold. He didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past. He wanted to create an authentic and relevant experience for his students. And he did it.

“Every decision I make comes back to, ‘Was I better for kids today?'”

Brewer couldn’t have done it alone. He got buy-in from the community and transformed a school. Not just once either.

This video is truly inspiring. I want to run a school like this one day. This man is amazing. He even tells the kids that he loves them. This is exactly what education needs.

Teaching Tip Tuesday – Inspiration and tips for fellow teachers everywhere

Hip-Hop Radio Putting Up Numbers

Last week’s edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio was a lot of fun. I had an exclusive interview with The Legendary PMD and the show has put up some pretty impressive numbers.

It’s is charting in 5 different places on Mixcloud and is even in the Top 10 of two of them.

  • 7th in the “Interview” chart
  • 8th in the “College Radio” chart
  • 34th in “Underground Hip Hop” chart
  • 39th in “Old School Hip Hop” chart
  • 84th in “Hip-Hop/Rap” chart

I have good company in 3 of the charts as well.

DJ Hullewud’s show Break North Radio came in just ahead of me.

And his show put up great numbers as well.

  • 6th in the “College Radio” chart
  • 20th in “Underground Hip Hop” chart
  • 27th in “Old School Hip Hop” chart
  • 50th in “Hip-Hop/Rap” chart


You can check for the podcasts of both of these shows every week . . .

or you can listen to the shows live on the radio, streaming at chrwradio.ca, Rogers Digital Cable Channel 943, and on the Tune In App.

Live Radio

Word is Bond Rap Radio is on Monday nights / Tuesday mornings from 12:00 midnight to 2:00 a.m.

Break North Radio is on Saturday nights from 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight.

Thanks for supporting campus and community radio and helping keep hip-hop music alive and well on the airwaves.

5 People Write Every Pop Song Heard on the Radio

The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory by John Seabrook

Everything changed though back in 1992 when Ace of Base was unleashed on the world with their debut album, The Sign.

There wasn’t anything spectacular about this band. They might not have gone anywhere if it wasn’t for a broken car stereo.

A music producer played their demo tape in his car and wasn’t impressed with it. He probably would have ejected it and not given it a second thought but his car stereo had other ideas. It wouldn’t eject the tape. And there was no way to switch back to the radio when the cassette was engaged. As such, he was more or less forced to listen to the tape over and over again.

One day, after multiple listens, Denniz Pop heard something in it and decided that he would produce them. He majorly overhauled their songs and created something that would have lasting effects in the world of pop music.

He created Cheiron Studios with Tom Talomaa and with the success of songs like The Sign and singles like All That She Wants and Don’t Turn Around they went on to produce and create some of the biggest pop artists the world has ever seen.

Max Martin is the one of most prolific writers in pop music history. He has written a produced dozens and dozens of number one hit songs. You can probably sign along to every one of these hits even though you may have never heard his name before now. There  is only one song writing team ahead of him when it comes to hits and he will probably surpass them soon. I am talking about Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

There are several other Swedish hit factory teams that have written co-written, and even manufactured some of the biggest groups over the past thirty years. It’s no secret that Backstreet Boys were able to ride the success wave for boy bands created by New Kids on the Block. I always hated the song writing of their songs, however. The lyrics barely made sense but apparently they didn’t have to. The world ate it up and the Backstreet Boys became the biggest act in the world.

The producers knew that someone would copy their formula and offer some competition to them.  They thought, if someone is going to do it, it might as well be us. So, they created NSYNC, used the same producers, song writers, and management to create the rival group.

I found this tidbit fascinating. I assumed that NSYNC was an answer to the Backstreet Boys. Lyrically, their songs seemed to make more sense and they even appeared to be more authentic. They were on different labels and the songwriting teams and production machine were pretty invisible, so this was easy enough to assume. However, they were manufactured in the exact same way, produced, and even managed the same.

It’s unfortunate that song writing has been reduced to a formula and that only a handful of producers are responsible for almost everything that we hear these days. I guess that explains a lot. Pop music songs are rarely distinguishable from one another. And people in the background continue to get paid exorbitant amounts of money to churn out these hits.

The reach of these Swedish writers is absolutely incredible. It seems as though they have written every major pop song twenty five years. Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, and even Taylor Swift have had some of their biggest hits written by the song factory machine.

I have to admit, I am a little disappointed that Taylor Swift used them for her latest album. She used to be an original voice and now sounds like every other act on the dial. Of course, I still enjoyed her album. I knew she wrote her own songs and assumed nothing had changed.

Overall, this was a fascinating read. John Seabrook turns forty years of music history into a narrative that entertains and sheds light on this hidden song writing factory. I recommend checking it out, and maybe looking closer at songwriting credits. You might be surprised at what you find.

My List of 2017 Reads – 36 books and counting

The Legendary PMD on WIB Rap Radio

I have been a fan of this man for as long as I can remember. EPMD is one of the best hip-hop groups to ever do it. It was an absolute pleasure to have him on the show last night.

PMD drops a lot of knowledge in this in-depth and exclusive appearance on Word is Bond Rap Radio.

This is a must listen. And make sure you cop his new album, Business Mentality.


EPMD – So Wat Cha Saying
Lone Catalyst ft Greg Nice – Rhymes
Noveliss ft Clear Soul Forces – Swordplay
LS Camp – Out of Control
Amerigo Gazaway – For Once In My Lifetime
Luke Christopher – The Lights
DJ Format and Abdominal – Still Hungry (Henkel Rremix)
EPMD – You Gots To Chill
David Strickland ft EPMD and Saukrates – Armed and Dangerous
PMD ft Erick Sermon – The Real is Gone
EPMD – The Joint
PMD – Trans
EPMD – Headbanger
Dan-e-o – Spit
Pawz One – B.O.M.B.S.
Lil Neekz – Stricktly Bizness
Touch – An Abbott on the Keys
Blu & Exile – Stress off the Chest
One Be Lo – Propaganda
Ngajuana – For the Moment
Group Home – Supa Star
Brown Bag All Stars ft Tash – 11 Steps

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Churchill Skateboard Park (Cambridge, ON)

Churchill Park is located at 200 Christopher Drive in Cambridge, ON. It’s a beautiful park with a lot to see and do. The latest edition is a uniquely designed skateboard plaza.

The shape of this park in pretty interesting. Can you see what the designers did with it?

This is one half of the course.

It would have been nice to see a quarter-pipe here, but the platform and ledge offer lots of possibilities for tricks.

In the middle of the park is a low box and a long ledge to grind.

There is a spine, a rail, and a ledge built in to this obstacle.

The other end of the park has some stairs, rails, and ledges too. It also has a slight cure to launch from.

So do you see it yet? I haven’t seen a park designed this way before. Have you?

The park is actually shaped like a skateboard. It is long and skinny and has a nose and a tail section. I skated this course for fifteen minutes before I realized it too.

Want to see more? 

Virtual Skatepark Tours – 30 great places to skate

Heads Up with Sankdafied on WIB Rap Radio

Sankdafied came by Radio Western this week to leak a few tracks from his forthcoming album Atoms and Evolution.

I subjected him to a game of Heads Up, the Ellen smartphone app that had us trying to guess clues in her hip-hop category. And of course, I played two hours of great underground hip-hop.

Enjoy the show!

Hex One – Yes Yes Yall
Edo.G ft The Bulldogs – It Is
6 Bronx Zoo – Take Columbus Day Off the Calendar
David Begun ft Fugees and Bob Marley – Take It Easy Shankin
Soundminds – Don’t Touch That Dial
Hanz On – Straight Business
Zoetic Minds – You Don’t Want Me Around
Hex One ft Skyzoo – Peep the Steez
The Cheeba Hawk Consortion ft Dres – Better Yourself
Sankdafied – On My Own
Sankdafied – Detained
Sankdafied ft Chase March – Back at the Spot
DJ Premier ft Asap Ferg – Our Streets
Fortunato – Keep It Humble
Notion ft Cee and Myer Clarity – Hurt
AZ – Rather Unique
Brother Ali – Forest Whitaker
Dilated Peoples – You Can’t Hide, You Can’t Run
Skrewtape – Sell It for Two
Ras Kass – Kill the Messenger
Planet Asia ft Chace Infinite, Innate, and Bumps – Tha Movement
Wu-Tang Clan – It’s Yours
GZA – Pencil
Method Man – Meth Vs Chef
Rapsody – Nobody

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Find the Spark and Write

Story Sparks: Finding Your Best Story Ideas & Turning Them into Compelling Fiction by Denise Jaden

Denise Jaden explores the concept of inspiration in her latest book, Story Sparks. She gives practical advice on finding story ideas in everyday life, how to nurture the creative power you already have, and suggests small exercises that can help spark a great story idea.

This book is for every writer who has ever struggled with the question of what to write next. Here are some of the tips she offers in the book.

Combining Two Ideas

“A fresh idea is simply thinking of something in a new way or combining two concepts in a unique way.”

I completely agree. I have found that I can’t start writing a story unless I have had a second idea mash up with the first one. It’s the combination of two ideas where the story starts to come to life. As Jaden writes, “It often not a single idea, but the connection between two or more ideas that gives us our ‘aha’ moment.”

It Can Take Time

“All you need is the question, focused energy, and time to let the question percolate.”

A lot of writing can stem from a single question. But we need to allow ourselves the time to really contemplate the question. In this book, Jaden breaks down her philosophy into the S.P.A.R.K. acronym. This part of the equation really reminds me on my personal writing philosophy of T.L.C.W.

Get Inspired By Social Media

“Skim your Twitter or Facebook feeds. Could any posts make for interesting character traits, motivations, or plot obstacles?”

What a great idea. There is already a lot of drama going on in social media. It could be a rich treasure trove of ideas, if used properly. Just make sure you don’t write about the people specifically. Take ideas and transform them into original stories with different characters and you could have a winner.

Finally Say It

“Think of all the things you wouldn’t say in real like but would like to say. These are all plot ideas you can experiment with.”

Writing can give you the power to say something you wouldn’t normally say. Take advantage of that.

There is no such thing as Writer’s Block

“Writer’s block is taking the easy way out. It treats a lack of productivity as an ailment . . . Writer’s block is not usually the inability to write, but rather just a fear of not writing well.”

I like this analogy. We should always be able to write. Fear might be an obstacle, but it is one that we can overcome. It’s like pain to a runner. You can push through it. You can write through it.

Helpful Lists

At the end of the book, Jaden provides several lists that can help you come up with character names, places to set your scenes in, motives for character behaviour, obstacles for characters to overcome, and story themes you can weave.

It’s a great book with practical exercises, advice, and tips for writers who need to find some inspiration. Also, if you liked this book, you can also look for her other book on writing, Fast Fiction, that is perfect for anyone attempting National Novel Writing Month challenge right now.

My List of 2017 Reads – with links to detailed posts on every title I read this year

St Clair River Trail (Corunna, ON)

The St. Claire River Trail is part of the larger Great Lakes Waterfront trail.

Only portions of it run alongside the river.

There are sections of the trail that detour onto neighbouring streets.

My run  took me from the First Nation community, Aamjiwnaang, all the way to the small town of Corunna.

I went for a run in coRUNna today. See what I did there?

There are all sorts of interesting things to see along this route. This is the historical Stanley House.

It’s always nice to run alongside a waterfront. There is much more of it to explore as well. Have you can any portion of the St. Clair River Trail?

Want to explore more trails?

Photographic Tour Archive – over 50 great places to run or hike

Posting a Music Video (TGJ3M Assignment)

I am teaching a Communications Technology class this term and I wanted to have the students create an online portfolio of their work. To that end, I had them design simple websites using the Blogger platform. This way, they can see the basic design elements needed for fully functioning websites. It also gives me, as a teacher, one central place to look for and assess individual work.

The students will be given a culminating assignment this term that will have them planning, designing, and producing a multi-media project. I am hoping that the skills I have been teaching so far will serve them well in that task.

Music Video Assignment

For this assignment you will post a music video to your blog, include the song lyrics, and a brief introduction to the song and a conclusion.

1. Title

• Give the post a creative title

(i.e. for Buffalo Tom’s “Summer” it could be “Summer’s Gone – It Goes By Way Too Quick”)

2. Introduction

• Give an introduction to the music video

You can talk about why you like the song, artist, images, or story presented in the video.

3. Embed the music video into the blog post

• Copy the embed code from YouTube
• Click on “Share” and then you can click on embed

4. The lyrics 

It is easy to find song lyrics online. If you can’t find them, you can type them out yourself.

Sight unseen, sadder seas
Summer song sung all along
Dragged across the seven seas
To the beach come follow me
Summer’s gone a summer song
You’ve wasted every day, every day

5. Conclusion

• Try to say something about the time, atmosphere, culture, or other context of the video? Does it express an identity? What is your assessment of the video? How does this combination of music, lyrics and images work? Do you think the video appeals to its target audience? Does the video draw attention towards the artist or group? If so, what image of them does it project? How did you feel after experiencing this video?

Music Video Post Assignment – PDF file, MS Word doc

Find more tips, resources, and lessons from the Teaching Tip Archive

Word is Bond Rap Radio – Halloween Night!

I just got off of the radio a few minutes ago. I kicked off Halloween the second it started with my midnight show. Normally, I don’t get the podcast up this quickly, but I wanted you to be able to rock it for your Halloween celebration.

So enjoy the show and . . .

Have a Safe, Happy Halloween!

Dana Dane – Nightmares
Geto Boys – Minds Playing Tricks on Me
Big Pun – Leatherface
Snowgoos ft Sicknature and Sean Strange – We Won’t Die
Kanye West ft Nicki Minaj, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Bon Iver – Monster
Bad Meets Evil – Scary Movie
Swollen Members – Bad Dreams
Onyx and Dope D.O.D. ft Snak the Ripper – Pscho Path
Frost Gamble and Tragedy Khadafi – Organic Thoughts
Supastition ft Cymarshall Law, Supastition, Braille, and Eternia – The Reaper
Lords of the Underground – Psycho
Method Man and Redman – Cereal Killer
Unknown Mizery – Never Died
Whodini – Haunted House of Rock
DMX – Frankenstein
Eminem – Monster
A.O.D. – Lady Death
Sir Diggy ft Rock & AG Da Coroner – The Nightmare
Swamp Thing ft Ghettosocks – The Damned
Outkast – Dracula’s Wedding
Mission 5 – Celery Stalks
Sindakit – Haunted Pt 2
Swamp Thing – The House of Wax
Fat Boys – Are you Ready for Freddy?
Zoetic Minds – Monster
Snowgoons ft Chino XL, Fredro Starr, Jamal Grinnage, Diabolic, Justin Tyme – Team Death Match
Swollen Members ft Snak the Ripper – Fear
DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince – Nightmare on My Street

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The March Trilogy is Complete

March: Book Three by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell

This is the final book of a trilogy series that focuses on the challenges and horrors faced by those in the Civil Rights Movement as they fought to be recognized as human beings and awarded the rights that go along with that. It is told by one of the movement’s most pivotal figures, John Lewis.

In March: Book One we get to see him finally see the day when a black man could become president. It’s a touching moment to see him interacting with Barack Obama and reflecting on the long journey it took to get there.

The story is horrific and I have a hard time believing that these atrocities were happening only fifty years ago. It’s amazing to see the strides that were made with the non-violent protests that were staged. The men and women who fought the injustice and poor treatment of their race didn’t take up arms. They didn’t retaliate any of the violence that they were shown. They simply stood up and demanded to be taken notice of. It truly is inspiring and I am glad this story has been told.

March (Trilogy Slipcase Set)

The entire trilogy is now available in a slipcase set that includes all three books in a beautifully illustrated case.

My List of 2017 Reads – with links to detailed posts on every title I read this year

Connecting with a Legend – O.C. on WIB Rap Radio

I have been a fan of O.C. ever since I first heard him on a radio mix show back in 1994. I can’t tell you how excited I was to get the chance to kick it with him live on the radio this week.

It was hard choosing the nine O.C. tracks I could fit into the show. His catalogue of released material is huge and speaks for itself.

I was surprised to find out that he writes every single day. There must be hundreds of tracks that we haven’t heard. Yet.

O.C. truly is a legend and he’s a cool, down-to-earth guy. It was a pleasure having him on the program. We talk about hip-hop history, longevity, his affiliation with D.I.T.C., Demigodz, and Hieroglyphics, and of course, spin tons of great music.

Enjoy the show!

O.C. ft Big L – Dangerous
Dan-e-o ft Choclair, Frankenstein, and Grimace Love – Dear Hip Hop (The 2nd Letter)
Lil Neeks & El Bandito – Jurassic Nation
Chan Hays ft Homeboy Sandman, Ghettosocks, and John Robinson – The Shoes
Def 3 ft JFB – Prowl
LS Camp – Back to the Basics
Cymarshall Law – Cory Law
Organized Konfusion ft O.C. – Fudge Pudge
O.C. – Time’s Up
DJ JS-1 ft O.C. – Turn the Tables
Apathy and O.C. – The Broadcast
O.C. – Good Man
Saukrates ft O.C. and Masta Ace – Rollin’
Apollo Brown and O.C. – Prove Me Wrong
O.C. – Ma Dukes

Listen to Word is Bond Rap Radio

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Website Design Assignment Part 2

This is the fourth assignment I gave my students for TGJ3M – Communications Technology. It builds off the skills we have been learning so far this term. First, we looked closely at the five different types of logos and collected examples of each. We then created a fictional media company and designed a logo for it. Now, we are in the process of building a functional website.

The first part of this assignment had the students signing up for a free Blogger account, creating a header image, and making an about page.

This assignment simply has them adding additional pages and content to the blog.

The assignment page, along with the rubric is available for you to download and edit for free.

Website Design Assignment Part 2 – PDF, MS Word

Teaching Tips – Inspiration and ideas from my classroom to yours every week!

Running Can be Terrible and Wonderful

The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances by The Oatmeal

When I saw this book, it called to me almost immediately. I love running and the title and art were quite compelling.

Now, first off, I have to admit that I am not a long distance runner. I run for less than 40 minutes at a time. Generally, I cover anywhere from 5 to 10 kilometers during one run. This is often referred to as “middle distance” running.

The author of this book runs much further than that. He opens the book with a story of running an ultra-marathon that took him 11 hours. I have always thought that long distance runners were slightly crazy. What would make someone push themselves to that extreme? Why not stop at a respectable distance or time-frame?

The Oatmeal, who is a person (I always thought that it was simply a satirical website), explains exactly why he runs. He does so with humour that made me laugh out loud a few times. The art and words are married together in a seamless way. Once you start reading it, you will have a hard time putting it down. I read it in two sittings but could have done it in one.

My wife saw how much I was enjoying the book and asked to read it too. That’s unusual because she has tried reading some of my graphic novels and really doesn’t like the medium. But she liked this book. I think you will too.

The author shares one of my philosophies when it comes to running – run outside and find a loop.

I regularly look for new places to run outside. I explore trails and have documented quite a few of the, here.

And I continue to write a book review for every title I read.

My List of 2017 Reads