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Reclaimed My Name

Silent Cacophony was born a long, long time ago. It was originally a title of a book I tried to write when I was a teenager. So I knew when I started blogging that it just had to be the title of my blog as well. It just made so much sense. It also seemed like I owned the phrase because I had never heard anyone else say it. In fact, cacophony is not even a commonly used word.

So last year when I Googled the term, I was really surprised to find that other people online were using the term. Not only that, but I was third in line.

This is what I wrote in January 2008,

I don’t know if I can change the search results so I can be first in every search engine.

I want this blog to be the REAL SILENT CACOPHONY but I guess I might have to settle for sharing it with others. Too bad!

Well today I Googled “Silent Cacophony” again and it seems that I have earned that number one spot. I’ve jumped the queue and I couldn’t be happier. If you search for “Chase March” the first several hits you get are all me as well. This is awesome!

In order to celebrate, I thought I would organize the posts I wrote when I first stumbled across my old notebook that first spawned the title and the idea for this blog.

This original Silent Cacophony book was going to be the ultimate guide to life; boy was I naïve. It was full of personal observations, stories, anecdotes, commentary, etc. It was quite effectively everything that my blog is today, except that it was on paper.

When I found that long lost book, I typed up what I had written so I could share it with you. Here are those entries for you to enjoy again.

Welcome to the SC!

Silent Cacophony was born a long, long time ago. I remember exactly how it started.

I was fishing through the dictionary and came across this wonderful word “cacophony.” It meant a harsh or discordant sound. I didn’t even know how to pronounce the word at the time, but it resonated with me for some reason. I also immediately thought of the oxymoron “Silent Cacophony.”

This term energized me. It felt like a description of who I was. I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere. I hadn’t yet discovered my place in the world. I tried to make noise so people could know me but it didn’t work. I felt invisible. This was the perfect term to describe myself.

It was also the perfect term to describe the act of writing. Words can speak volumes even though they make no noise at all.

So I decided this term would be the title of the book I had always wanted to write. I was a teenager at the time and I thought I had all the answers (boy was I naïve.) Anyway I wrote my observations about life in a coil notebook. I didn’t follow through with it though. The book was never completed.

Years later, I decided to start writing seriously. I wrote a screenplay and had a few other ideas floating around in my head for some novels. I thought I should have an on-line presence if I wanted to become an author so I set out to get a blog. Right away, I knew my blog should be titled “Silent Cacophony.” I was glad it was available in blogspot and I got right to work.

Since then, I have written a verse novel, a young adult novel, a short story, some poems and songs, and a literary novel. My blog has grown and developed too.

If you are new to Silent Cacophony, please check some of these posts. If you are familiar with me and my blog, please check these out for a trip down memory lane.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Work It In

It’s funny how my original Silent Cacophony book that I wrote in a coil notebook got put away for years but would not die. It stayed with me, even when I thought it was completely lost. And when I thought of starting a blog I knew that it had to have the same title. But after finding my book two weeks ago, I was shocked to see that the coil notebook was indeed the start of this blog.

It kind of reminds me of the original idea I had for my last novel. I wrote a scene that told me exactly what the book was going to be about. I couldn’t seem to start the novel though. It took me a few weeks to get going on it as I cooked the idea some more in my brain.

That original scene didn’t actually come into the novel until I was way into it. It managed to fit nicely into chapter 3. It managed to work itself in.

I always wanted to be a writer. In fact, I considered myself a writer long before I started this blog. I was just a writer that didn’t write. A writer who tinkered around with some horrible poetry and some pretty pedestrian rhymes. A writer who had a novel in him but couldn’t find the time to write it. A writer who was scared to even try.

But the story wouldn’t leave me alone. It was hard to write that first one but the story insisted on being told. It found a way to work in to my life. And I’m glad it did.

I love writing now. I have written quite a few different things since then. And I plan on continuing to write. Writing has managed to work its way into my life just as those original writings in my notebook found their way into my blog.

It’s amazing how things seem to work out, but they always do. It seems like I tried to start this blog a decade too early. Like Barbara, I seemed to be blogging without a blog. Perhaps the timing just wasn’t right. But it looked like I knew what I wanted to do with it. I’m just glad that I finally did it, and I will keep doing it. Silent Cacophony for life!

A Page Burns

A page burns in the fire at my campsite. There is no more proof of the error I made on that page. A trivial error it was, but an error nonetheless. As I watch the paper crumple and burn I wonder about ends. The ends of things. The ends of life. The paper is no more but in its place is a warm fire that continues to burn; life from death. Symbolic yes but full of meaning.

I love being on vacation. I never wear a watch on vacation. Although time is precious. I fill the day with activity but I am not a slave to the clock. Upon my return home I will no longer be free. Still a slave to the clock. Punch in at 8:00 a.m., Punch out at 4:00 p.m. The clock rules my day.

Strange how society works, isn’t it? Some thoughts don’t connect. Some people don’t connect, like me. A “conservative loner” by choice. I was actually described like this by an employer once. An irrelevant fact because I could not change my person, not for him, not for anybody. I am what I am. “A conservative loner.”

I have an innate sense of honesty. I posses an independence of mind, but I have not learned to moderate that trait. Blunt to a fault and impatient with subordinates, I have earned a reputation for being difficult and creating unnecessary tension among the crew of every social structure I serve.

Often misunderstood, Frequently misquoted, and always separated (isolated.) Why has this book become a personal analysis? Unknown. For now, back to


Yes! It is an oxymoron. But I am a moron who uses oxy on my pimples, so it is kind of suiting. Nah, I’m playing. (Kidding)

I have had a week of inconveniences, not a bad week, a week of inconveniences. I think that is the politically correct way to say it now.

That is the end of my weeklong jump back into time. The past seven posts were originally written by me in the Summer of 1995 or the Winter of 1996 in the original Silent Cacophony book that I was putting together. I hope you enjoyed this jump back in time as much as I did.

Tomorrow I will be back to my regular posting routine. This book is a lot shorter in length than I remembered. But it was the start to Silent Cacophony as you and I know it today. I hope you enjoyed this trip back in time.

Time is Like Ink

I get philosophical and introspective quite often. Perhaps too often, could it be that I think too much? No, negative side effects have never been proven, it could just be that getting introspective about being introspective could undermine all I know or ought to have known to be significant and purposeful.

Perhaps my life flows like ink and an error cannot be corrected without notice. Time travel cannot be possible but if it were? Hmm.

Time for Dead Seriousness

Two directly opposite and conflicting emotions can be felt at the same time. This fact has always blown my mind. Translation – I have never understood who that can happen. For instance, a friend of mine died at age 17, and while I mourned the loss, thought bad for the family, and cried in my room, I had a conflicting thought at her funeral. It was held in the biggest church in Southern Ontario because it was the only church that would be able to accommodate hundreds of mourners.

The occasion was heartbreaking, many people were crying, both family and friends had more than a tear in their eye but I was also thinking how much I envy her. She is dead and I envy her because there were a thousand people at the church who loved her. I know this because I loved her and I knew all who knew her must love her too. She was easy to love.

Pictures ran through my head of how my funeral would look and I pictured 40 people in the church and thirty of them were family. I became depressed and wished I could trade places with her. I guess I only envied her because life is so confusing and challenging and I am scared to move forward. I am having what is called a post-teen crisis. I am filled with anxiety and confusion about my future. She does not have to go through this. However, it is useless for me to think this way.

Time can’t stand still, we must all move on to the undiscovered country that is our future. Unfortunately we don’t get a road map but we always have a compass – our conscience telling us what is right and what is wrong. We should listen carefully.

Quotes & Questions

I am really enjoying going through this old coil notebook of my writings from the summer of 1995. It’s strange how this first version of Silent Cacophony is a lot like a blog. The titles of the posts this week are the actual titles above each entry I wrote in that coil notebook. Here is another entry from my book entitled “Quotes & Questions.”

“Leaves that have fallen from a tree do not attach themselves to a branch again.”
Devil’s Heart by Carmen Carter, pg 127

– How come there are forks in the road, but never spoons?
– How come you pitch a tent, but you don’t throw it to a back catcher?
– How high is up?
– How come you call a television a TV, but you don’t call a telephone a TP, TP that’s a tent. Speaking of tents, last night I dreamed I was a wigwam, then I dreamed I was a TP. I asked my doctor what this means. He said I was too tense (tents.)
– “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one. It is for that purpose that I give my skill to the world. A skill I am not yet fully aware of. But it is my belief that you can get everything you want out of life by giving others what they want. Good deeds are their own reward. Spoken from a true boy scout himself. I am he.
– The purpose of life is to be happy
to accomplish great things
to help other people at all times
to be wise in the use of your resources
and to always be kind and cheerful.

Possible Titles

This is the second excerpt from my recently discovered lost work. This is the second page of the coil notebook and it shows a brainstorming session as I try to come up with a title for it. Well, here it is in its entirety.


I smell a rat. Literature. U ARE A LITE RAT. I don’t get it. Neither do I, or me, Hey wait I’m the only one with a pen. I am but one, alone in the car.

WASTED INK – possible, the cool title of a book.

Ya know when ya go to the drive-in theatre, and they start the picture too early and it’s too bright. Put on sunglasses. Problem solved.

MESSY SCRIBBLES – another possible title, Nah!



THAT IS IT, BY GEORGE. THIS ISN’T BY GEORGE. IT’S BY CHASE, the author of USELESS JUNK. Sometimes, it is the right time.

Turn off that light?

What is This?

It seems that he has lost what was left of his sanity. Saneness is in the mind of the beholder. Little voice in one’s head may be dismissed as Cacophony. Phooey-phooey, you may say. Or you did say if you are reading aloud. Sunglasses worn over top of your hat are cool. Life is … too long … too short … too simple … too complicated. I can’t fathom any meaning.

A green book in spiral formation is this thing. Things are everywhere. Everything is everywhere. Records noted. A thought unrecorded is often a thought lost. Messy scribbles recorded that can’t be read are a lost thought. DON’T LOSE ‘EM

Geez this is weird. I thought so myself. Once or twice. Sentence fragment. Uncomplete thought WHO CARES This is My Book.

Peanuts may be salted. They are also victims if they have been assaulted. Vacations are too infrequent. Leave your mind once in a while. Legally of course. No irony. Don’t read between the lines unless I write like this

There is more!

Well that was it, the first page of my attempt at writing a book to explain everything about the world. I was so sure I had it all figured out back then. I remember having such grand plans for Silent Cacophony.

The original book I am typing up and sharing this week resembles this blog in quite a few ways. First off, I write short entries in it. Secondly, I delve into a number of topics. And third, you can tell I was having fun with it. There’s humour in nearly every page. I will admit it is a bit weird. But next week I will be back to blogging as usual. Don’t worry. Just enjoy this bizarre ride.


The First Silent Cacophony

I was doing some major cleaning and decluttering on the weekend and I came across something that I thought was lost – the original Silent Cacophony book.

I couldn’t believe I actually found it. I screamed out loud and jumped around at the discovery of this small coil notebook. It meant a lot to me and I always remembered it even though it had somehow gotten lost in the move or two I did over the years.

But I found it, a green coil notebook that I wrote in, oh so many years ago.

I flipped it open in anticipation of what I might find there. I knew I started writing this book when I was a teenager and, back then, I thought I knew everything. So I knew this book would have some wisdom contained in it. Maybe something I have since forgotten.

I want to share some of this with you. This week, and part way into next, all of my posts will be excerpts from this book. Keep in mind that I wrote it in the summer of 1995. I had a mantra at the time to keep it “unedited and raw.”

It starts off a little weird but my teenage voice definitely comes through. I hope that you enjoy this look back in time as much as I do.

Tomorrow, comes the actual intro to Silent Cacophony.

Stay tuned.