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November Leaves, Love, and Longing (Mixtape)

Here is the mixtape I made for the third week of The Social Playlist Challenge. It’s called “November Leaves, Love, and Longing”

I wanted this mix to have melancholy, yearning, and romance from a wide variety of acts and genres.

The theme this week was “Fall Romance” and I really wanted to set it in the here and now. That is why it has some songs about November.

The songs and audio clips from a television series come together to tell a story. Throughout this mix, we can hear two characters coming together and, over time, realizing that they are indeed soulmates.

I really like the way this mix turned out. I was a little reluctant to do this theme. But I think I managed to portray a “Fall Romance” in perfect Chase March style.

Enjoy the tunes!

01. Emerson Drive – November
02. Ed Sheeran – Autumn Leaves
03. Fitzgerald and Armstrong – Autumn in NY
04. Wyclef – Gone Till November
05. D-sisive – I Love a Girl
06. Coldplay – Don’t Let It Break Your Heart
07. White Stripes – Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground
08. Billy Talent – Fallen Leaves
09. Johnny Cash – Seasons of My Heart
10. Harry Connick Jr. – It Had to Be You
11. Kanye West – All Falls Down
12. Lost Boyz – Renee
13. Oasis – Wonderwall
14. Garth Brooks – Unanswered Prayers
15. Sugarland – Stuck Like Glue

Download the album version

Download the mix as one long MP3 file

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Never Give Up on the Good Times

Here is my second mixtape of the month as part of the Social Playlist Challenge.

This week’s theme was “Never Give Up on the Good Times” and we were asked to play songs from our childhood.

Of course, I had to start off with some old-school hip-hop. That was a given. The mix then moves on to some pop music and includes a song from Back to the Future, my favourite movie as a child.

Tiffany was my first celebrity crush and I absolutely love her. I think she has a very sexy voice and I still listen to her music.

The title of this challenge led me to play the Rick Astley song. I had both of his cassette tapes back in the day.

My mom was always listening to country music in the house. As such, I had to include some of my favourites in this mix. I wanted to include the Statler Brothers, Oak Ridge Boys, and Conway Twitty, but I couldn’t fit them all in. I decided to go with The Judds and George Jones.

The George Jones song really captures how I feel about music. A great song is a great song and I love these tunes, and will continue to, until the day I die.

I had to close off the mix with my favourite song from my favourite group of all time, Run-DMC.

Hope you enjoy the tunes.

01. Most Wanted – Good Old Days
02. Das Efx – They Want Efx
03. The Goats – Do The Digs Dug?
04. A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It?
05. Huey Lewis & The News – Power of Love
06. Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue
07. Beastie Boys – B-Boy Bouillabaisse
08. Pharcyde – Passing Me By
09. Tiffany – I Think We’re Alone Now
10. Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up
11. Culture Club – Karma Chameleon
12. Cutting Crew – I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight
13.The Judds – Grandpa
14. George Jones – He Stopped Loving Her Today
15. Run-DMC – It’s Tricky

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Through the Clouds: The Mixtape

I’m participating in The Social Playlist Challenge this month.

Every week, I will be given a theme and it’s my job to create a 15 song playlist around that theme. I wanted to take it a step further and make a mix each time.

I was only told of this week’s theme this morning so it was tough but I managed to pull it together.

“To show our respect for those who were effected by Hurricane Sandy, the first theme will be ‘Uplift Me.’ The playlist must consist of 15 songs that will uplift spirits, promote happiness or turn a tragic frown upside down”

Here’s the mix I made for first week of the contest. I hope you enjoy it!

Through the Clouds: The Mixtape

01) Andy Grammar – Keep Your Head Up
02) KT Tunstall – Suddenly I See
03) Organized Rhyme – The Happy Song
04) Bill Withers – Lovely Day
05) De La Soul – Trying People
06) Sweatshop Union – Try
07) The Procussions – J.O.B.
08) Smashing Pumpkins – Today
09) My Chemical Romance – Sing
10) Colbie Caillat – Brighter Than the Sun
11) Talib Kweli – Get By
12) Bush Babees – S.O.S.
13) Brother Ali – Fresh Air
14) Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day
15) Fun – We Are Young

Download this mix as one long MP3 file

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Enjoy the music!

and . . .

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If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here

Music for Skaters (Clean Version)

I love the artistry of mixtapes. Choosing songs, blending them together, weaving a theme and mood throughout, and then sharing the mix. What could be better that that?

How about having a finished product that you can feel comfortable sharing with anyone and everyone?

That’s why I redid “Music for Skaters” as a clean album. I removed a few songs that had violent messages or overtly mature themes and language. I censored the remaining songs so that the swear words are inaudible. And I’ve made a mix that I can blast anywhere.

If you want the longer, uncensored version, you can download it for free.

Or you can Download “Music for Skaters (The Clean Version)

Both mixtapes are blended so that each song runs into the next. It’s perfect music to skate to, or to just enjoy in your rides, iPods, or home stereos this summer. Plus, you can skip through the tracks if  you so desire.

I hope you enjoy the mix. Feel free to share it with your friends or point them this way so they can download it themselves.

Bring on the music!

2 Late

The songs speak for themselves on this mixtape. I realized things way too late. Today should have been different. The mix should have been upbeat and happy, but sometimes things don’t work out. And it sucks!

I’m really sorry 🙁

01. Chris Young – Tomorrow
02. Toby Keith – She Never Cried in Front of Me
03. Jason Aldean – Heartbreak That Don’t  Stop Hurting
04. Maroon 5 – One More Night
05. Laura Izibor – Carousel
06. Kadyelle – Lonely
07. Jay-Z – Song Cry
08. Charlie Rich – The Most Beautiful Girl
09. Colbie Cailat – I Never Told You
10. Alexz Johnson – I Still Love You

Download this mixtape for free (album version with skippable tracks)

Download the mixtape as one MP3

Or stream it with the player below.

If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here

This Day in Herstory (A Special Birthday Mixtape)

Happy Birthday Dana!
I made you this tape just for you 
and I mixed it with love. 

But I know you won’t mind sharing the music with my blogging audience.

It’s your birthday but we can all party with these great tunes.

Download this birthday mixtape for free.

If you want to make a CD of this mix, burn it on iTunes and set your playlist to have “no gap” between the songs. This will give you an album version so each song has its own track but the music will still seamlessly mix. Here’s a tutorial on how to do it.


01. This Day in History (Intro)
02. Black Eyed Peas – Joints and Jams
03. Kayne West – Stronger
04. Bloodhound Gang – The Bad Touch
05. In Fear of Olive – Peace of Mind
06. Kate Nash – Merry Happy
07. Akua Naru – The Block
08. The Book Thieves – Rappers Seeking Allowance
09. Mazaman & DJ Grouch – Just Thoughts
10. Adele – Make You Feel My Love
11. Starlight Mints – The Bandit
12. Los Campesinos – It All Started With a Mixx
13. Semi-sonic – Singing in My Sleep
14. Kenny Chesney – Come Over
15. Easton Corbin – Lovin’ You is Fun
16. Thompson Square – Glass
17. Josh Turner – Time is Love
18. Elle Varner – So Fly
19. Mel C – Think About It
20. Ben Howard – Only Love
21. The Killers – Read My Mind

Music For Skaters (Free Skateboard Mixtape Download)

I love skateboarding and I love mixtapes, so I decided to bring both things together and craft “Music for Skaters”

I hope you enjoy the mix!

You can stream it with the player below or you can download the album version with skippable tracks.

Most of the songs are actually about skateboarding as you can see from the tracklist. They span the gamut from hip-hop to rock to ska to skate-punk. I guarantee that you will have a great skating session with these tunes blaring. Plus they are all professional mixed and blended together.

I hope you enjoy these skateboard songs and how they flow together.

01. Lupe Fiasco – Kick Push
02. MCBC & React – Thrasher
03. Black Eyed Peas – Fallin’ Up
04. Mission 5 – They Gave Chase
05. Pharrel – When Skateboard Came
06. OPM – Heaven is a Halfpipe
07. Goldfinger – King for a Day
08. The Faction – Skate & Destroy
09. Against All Authority – Grinding My Life Away
10. Aggression – Intense Energy
11. Beatnik Termites – Skateboard
12. Reshot – Father & Son
13. superGARAGE – Post Teen Crisis
14. Eddie Rap Life – Push My Wood
15. Murs – Transitions Az a Ridah
16. ANTHM & Blu – Polaris
17. Kayne West – Touch the Sky
18. MCBC & React – Skatelife
19. Beatnuts – Hit Me With That
20. Super Deluxe – All I Wanted was a Skateboard
21. Bones Bridgade – Thrashin’ USA
22. Suicidal Tendencies – Go Skate
23. The Aquabats – My Skateboard
24. Sublime – What I Got
25. Fugees – Vocab
26. Brodie – Skate, Rap, Sleep, Repeat
27. Ganga Lee – Not 4 Free
28. bAD Productions – Making a Beat with a Skateboard

If you want to burn this mix to a CD, it is best to do it on iTunes and set it to “no gap” between the songs. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do it.

Download Music for Skaters tracked album

Enjoy the mix!

If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here

DOPEfm Old School Mix (Free Download)

Here’s an old school hip-hop mix for you to enjoy.

Download it for free, play it straight through, or skip through the tracks.

This mix really bumps.

Every song is mixed and blended together. It features music from Run-DMC, K-Solo, O.C., Nice & Smooth, Gangstarr, Audio Two, Eric B & Rakim, A Tribe Called Quest, MC Lyte, Cypress Hill, Redman, Nas, and many more.

Download DOPEfm’s Old School Hip-Hop Mixed Album

Friday Night Lights – The Mixtape

I wanted to pay tribute to one of the finest television programs I have ever seen. 
Friday Night Lights is set in a small Texas town that is completely dedicated to, and obsessed, with high school football.

I never watched the show during its original run but I recently discovered it on DVD. By the third episode I was completely hooked.

I really enjoyed the writing and how it helped develop a wide range of characters. For a show about a football team, the town, the coach and his family, it could have easily been filled with cardboard incidental characters. But you really get to know and come to love the characters on the show.

As I got closer and closer to the final episode, I was sure I’d be sad to see the series come to an end. But it had such a powerful finale that was completely perfect and in tune with the essence of the series. As such, Friday Night Lights has made its way in to My Top 10 Favourite TV Shows of All Time.

Almost as soon as I’d finished watching the series, I started thinking about this mix. I did some research and found quite a few songs about football that I had never heard before. I also added a few songs about Texas, and one about a small town that sounds a lot like Dillon, Texas.

I hope you enjoy the mix. It seems that I’m working on creating an entire series of tapes based on televisions shows. It started with Lost, moved on to Doctor Who, and finally made its way to the football field for Friday Night Lights.

Here’s the song list. Each track blends into the other, in true mixtape fashion. It was a bit of a challenge considering the wide range of musical genres here, but it turned out better than I could have imagined. I love this mix and I hope you will too.

Thanks for listening.

W. G. Snuffy Walden – Friday Night Lights Theme
Mocean – NFL
High and Mighty – Friendly Game of Football
Kenny Star – The Blind Man in the Bleachers
Kenny Chesney – The Boys of Fall
Jason Aldean – Tattoos on this Town
Funeral for a Friend – The Art of American Football
The Ataris – San Dimas High School Football Rules
Rejectioneers – Get So Mad
Buddy Holly – That’ll Be the Day
Heartless Bastards – Sway
White Rabbits – Percussion Gun
Nas – Halftime
Explosions in the Sky – From West Texas
Jack Johnson – Mud Football
Fink – This is the Thing
Stereophonics – Rewind
Katy Perry – Last Friday Night
Masta Ace – Unfriendly Game
Wu-Tang Clan – Shame on a Nigga
Tony Lucca – Devil Town
Brad Paisley – Anything Like Me
Dixie Chicks – So Hard
Restless Heart – The Bluest Eyes in Texas
Never Meant – American Football

If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here

Women in Hip-Hop Mixset 2

This is the second mixset that Gamma Krush did for our 2nd annual International Women’s Day Spectacular for DOPEfm. You can download it for free or stream it with the player below.

We celebrated the day by dedicating all seven hours of our programming to the Women in Hip-Hop. If you missed the show or if you just want to have a copy of it to listen to whenever you want, the entire night’s worth of programming will soon be available as a free download. So far, I have already shared with you The Special and Gamma Krush’s first mixset.

We still have a lot more content to share with you so stayed tuned to Silent Cacophony for all of the free downloads and transcripts.

If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here

Women in Hip-Hop Mixset 1

Every year on DOPEfm we celebrate International Women’s Day by dedicating all seven hours of our overnight radio show to the Women in Hip-Hop.

This year we had an excellent show featuring artist interviews, a roundtable discussion, a Know Your History segment on the first lady of Canadian Hip-Hop, Michie Mee, and some great mixsets from Gamma Krush and myself.

This is the first of two mixsets that Gamma Krush did for the show. Each and every track is blessed by a woman. We are celebrating the great music that female artists contribute to hip-hop culture each and every single day here on DOPEfm.

Please download this show for free, stream it with the player below, share it with your friends, and put it on blast all summer long. And make sure you stay tuned to this blog for more coverage of our International Women’s Day Spectacular. Lots more to come!

If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here

Become a DJ With Just Your Computer

Becoming a DJ is a lot easier in this day and age. When I was younger, to become a DJ, you had to buy some pretty expensive gear. Nowadays, DJ sets can be relatively inexpensive, but before you run out and buy one, why not try mixing for free with just your computer?

I use a program called Audacity which you can download for free. It’s a really simple program that can have you mixing tracks with the best DJs out there.

Here is a tutorial that I made to show you the basics in how to make your own mixtape, radio show, or podcast.

In this second tutorial, I show you how to beat match and overlay two tracks for a seemless mix.

You can do a lot with just your computer these days. There is basically no need for you to run out and buy a DJ starter system.

This is the ION DJ system and it basically lets you do the same thing but it is going to cost you about a hundred dollars. Plus, this system looks more like a toy and probably wouldn’t stand up to much punishment.

The Hercules MP3 e2 looks like a much better starter DJ set but both of these unit won’t allow you to cut and scratch. These DJ systems are meant for beginning DJs and basically just allow you to mix and overlay tracks.

If you want to cut and scratch, you need to spend a lot more money and buy a deluxe system such as Numark IDJ, Traktor Kontrol S4, or Stanton SCS 4DJ. These units will cost you anywhere from $500 to over $1,000.

Learn the Basics for Free

Before you drop that kind of money on a DJ system, learn the basics for free. It only makes sense. And hey, if it’s good enough for me to mix when I’m not at the radio station, it should work just fine for you too. Next up, Tracking a mixset.

Next TutorialTracking a Mixset

Batman: The Mixtape

Batman deserves a mixtape, doesn’t he? After all he does to protect the city from crime, the least we could do is honour him with a mixed CD.

The tape starts out with the theme from the television series and then moves in to Snoop Dogg’s “Batman and Robin.” The song blends into The Last Emperor’s brilliant take on rappers battling super-heroes and villians in “Secret Wars.” We then have two songs from the soundtracks of Batman films.

Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold” seems to fit with the persona of Bruce Wayne and how he has to hide certain aspects of his life to protect his secret identity. The next song totally fits with the theme since Bruce Wayne is a Billionaire.

Side B starts off with a track from Robin’s point of view. It’s a pretty interesting take on being a “Sidekick.” And when Nazareth sings, “Now you’re messing with a song of a b*tch,” they could definitely be taking about Batman. I certainly wouldn’t want to have to go against him in battle.

I originally made this tape as a birthday present for my brother. He’s a huge Batman fan and owns hundreds of the comics.

I hope you enjoy this mix. It can easily fit on to one CD or you can download the mix to play on your iPod or MP3 players. All of the songs blend into each other but they are on their own track so you can skip through songs at your leisure or listen to the mix straight through.

Download Batman: The Mixtape

A DOPEfm Christmas

Here’s a Christmas album unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

I know that I get bored of the same old Christmas music every year, so I wanted to put together a straight hip-hop Christmas mix. I had to dig to find enough content to fill an entire CD but I found some really interesting tracks.

This mixed album starts out innocently enough with the classic Run-DMC song “Christmas in Hollis” and continues that way with music from Cross Movement and Random. Next up is a remake of Kurtis Blow’s Christmas Rappin’ by a who’s who of Canadian MCs.

The album then gets explicit. Parental discretion is advised for tracks 6, 7, and 8. First we hear an Eminem impersonation  “What if Eminem did Jingle Bells.” Then Mr.Lif tells us about the time Santa used a machine gun. We also hear Easy E wishing us all a “Merry MFing Christmas.”

The rest of the album is pretty tame. You can skip through the tracks if you find any of them offensive.

I hope you enjoy this mixed album. It will also be played on the show tonight. Listen to us live starting at 12:00 midnight on CFMU. You can find us on 93.3fm on your radio dial from the Hamilton, Ontario, Canada area or online at

Download A DOPEfm Christmas album version

Download A DOPEfm Christmas as an MP3 file

or stream it with the player below.

Merry Christmas!

If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here

The December Mixtape

I don’t know if this is going to become a tradition or not, but I really felt like making another December themed mixtape.

Unlike last year’s mix, this one is fully tracked and in album format. It’s meant to be listened to straight through, but since each song has its own track, you can skip through them at your leisure.

You can download this new mix for free or stream it with the players below.

I really enjoy making tapes and sharing them with you. Please feel free to pass then along. Download them to your iPod or MP3 players, burn them to CD, give them away as presents, +1, tweet, or Facebook it as well.

Thanks for listening.

I hope you have a great December!

DOWNLOAD – The Decemeber Mixtape (album format)

Doctor Who: The Mixtape (Free Download)

I have been making mixtapes for a long time. I always made them on actual cassette tapes though. When it came time for me to transition to the digital era, I still made my tapes in two parts. I did so because I really didn’t know another way to make them.

However, I just discovered a way to make a mixtape where you can actually skip through the songs. That is why I am reposting this mixtape for you right now. The songs still flow together seamlessly, but now they are presented to you in an album format.

Instead of having two long tracks of 40 minutes each, you can now download a 22 track album. Each song has its own track so you can skip through songs at your leisure.

Click here to download the zipped mixtape file for free. 

I was inspired to make this mixtape by a meme that was floating around on Tumblr. It was a 30 day challenge and Day 17 asked, “What songs would appear in your Doctor Who mixtape?”

I found this great blog post from Janine. She came up with a song for each of the major characters and justified her choices with song lyrics. The blog, Meanwher, elsewhen also offered some great suggestions for this hypothetical tape.

After reading those two posts, I was determined to make my own Doctor Who mix and to include some of their suggestions. I was unfamiliar with a lot of these songs prior to making the tape, but I got right to work, and was delighted with what I found.

I knew I had to start the tape with “Spaceman” from Bif Naked. If you’re a Doctor Who fan, you will see how perfectly that song ties into the very first episode of Series 5 when Amelia Pond first meets the Doctor.

Another highlight of the tape was including Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton’s “Islands in the Stream.” It made me think of the time stream, the relationship the Doctor has with his companions, or even the one the Doctor has with the TARDIS. I know it sounds complicated, but give the tape a listen and I’m sure you’ll get it.

I included sound effects from the show and even an audio clip from an episode. The songs are blended together and you will never hear a song fade out. I’m doing my best to preserve the art of the mixtape. That is why I’ve divided it into two-sides because I really miss cassette tapes and how each side of a tape can have its own identity and flavour.

The Doctor Who Mixtape will fit on one CD, so download it for free, burn it to disc, save it to your iPod or MP3 player, and turn up the jams. You can also stream it with the player below.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about it. And if you enjoyed this mixtape based upon a television show. You might like to check out the other one I made last year, “The Lost Mixtape”

Spread the music, and enjoy!

Download the album version for free

Side A Stream

If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here

Side B Stream

If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here

Happy American Thanksgiving

Here’s a special Thanksgiving mixset I put together for the radio show.

I hope you will enjoy it today for the American observation of Thanksgiving. You can download it for free to take with you on your drive to or from your Thanksgiving destination today.

I wish you all the best for this holiday long weekend.

We already celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada, but this mix still bumps on these cool autumn days up here as well.

You can also stream the hour-long show with the player below.

I hope you have an awesome Thanksgiving!


Music Playlist at

Page by Paige: The Book and The Soundtrack

Page by Paige by Laura Lee Gulledge really took me by surprise.

I have never marked up a comic book with this many sticky notes before. This book spoke to me on several different levels.

The main character is named Paige and she is a reluctant artist. When her family moves from Virginia to New York City, Paige finally surrenders to her desire to create art and buys a sketchbook. She keeps her art to herself for a variety of reasons. Eventually, she becomes comfortable displaying it and acknowledging that she really is an artist.

This graphic novel is beautifully illustrated in black and white sketches. It feels like it has been drawn by Paige herself and reads like her memoir. She plays with imagery and creates pictures that come to life, pictures that really capture her feelings, and even a few that illustrate a pun. It really is amazing how seamless the words and pictures are.

One cool thing about this book is the “Page by Paige Soundtrack” that is included in the back. Of course, it is just a list of songs that were either referenced in the book or have inspired Laura Lee Gulledge.

I was unfamiliar with most of the songs she listed. But since I enjoyed the book so much, I thought I’d seek them out. I then added a few songs that fit with the theme of the book to craft the first ever mixtape I’ve ever made based upon a comic book.

So here it is, Page by Paige: The Mixtape

You can download this mixtape for free.

The songs all blend into each other so you will not hear a song fade out. I divided the tape into 2 sides to keep the feel and vibe of the old-school mixtapes I used to make. This one, however, has a track for each song. There are 21 tracks and they will fit on a standard CD.

I hope you the music . . . and the book.

Need Something to Read? 

DOPEfm Transformers Themed Hip-Hop

Here is the latest mixset I did for DOPEfm.

You can download it now for free.

This is a limited time offer!

Seriously, the podcast provider we have been using for years will be shutting down operations at the end of this month.

I interviewed Ghettosocks earlier this year and he provided the drop you hear at the start of this mix. I just ran with it. I put the theme music from the original Transformers cartoon show behind his words and then mixed in the Transformers themed “Roll Out.”

You can download this show for free, or stream it with the player below.

And stay tuned to this blog for the transcript of the interview we did with Canadian hip-hop legend Ghettosocks. It will be featured in three parts next week.


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