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My Wedding Mixtape

I am getting married tomorrow. I am so happy, excited, and anxious.

I just had to make a mixtape to celebrate this special day and share it with all of my loved ones.

I printed off CDs for all of the guests at the wedding, but also wanted to provide a digital download for anyone who wants it.

I hope you enjoy the mixtape.

Wedding Mixtape (Front)

The first song on the mix will be the first song I get to dance to with my wife (that sounds amazing just to say).

That is followed up by the father-daughter dance on track 2, and then with a slow dance for everyone at the reception to take part in. And then the party starts!

I wanted to DJ the wedding myself, but Diana was not keen on it. So, I hired a good DJ who will be running the show. He probably won’t play these exact songs, but I hope the feeling of the night is as good as this mix.

Wedding Mixtape (Back)

Download The Wedding Mixtape for free!

Enjoy the music, the next time you see me, I will be a married man!

14 Songs for February 14th

DJ Chase March - 14 Songs for February 14th

14 Songs for February 14th (A DJ Chase March Mixtape)

I made this one as a Valentine’s Day present for my beloved Diana. I can’t believe that in just a few short weeks she will become my wife. I am truly a blessed man.

I hope that you will enjoy this mixtape as well. Please feel free to download it, share it, and get in the mood for a Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Songs (Back Cover)

14 Songs for February 14th – zip album download

The Past is the Future – Sons of Boombap Mixtape

SOB - The Past is the Future (cover)

The Sons of Boombap Present “The Past is the Future” Double-Length Mixtape

I am very proud to be part of this new hip-hop collective that is bringing back the boombap style of hip-hop. For our first release, we have crafted a double-disc mixtape featuring talented emcees, deejays, and producers from all over the world. It is available as a pay-what-you-can or free download.

Cop it and support the movement!

This project was mixed by Digital Junkie, G-Spot, and myself, Chase March.


01. Bullies on the Beat (SHARKY, ILLTONE, CABLE) PROD- KNOW It
03. Wrong Side of the Tracks (SHARKY, LAKES)
06. Take Notes (CABLE, MLNY) PROD- MLNY Take
09. Rock Harder (ES) PROD- JEE
10. Above the Clouds (CABLE, OSKEPTICAL, EXIT ONLY)
11. Watermelon & Vodka (JUX CAIN)

CHASE MARCH (Section 1)

15. Bacon Wrapped Sausages (SHARKY) prod – MARK JORDAN
16. Not What I’m About (BRANDED MOORE)
17. Grumpy Old Men (CABLE, SHARKY)
18. The Guard (ZOETIC MINDS)
19. MC’S Act Like They Don’t Know (BRANDED MOORE)
20. Really Real (SHARKY, NOTION) prod – NOTION
21. F*%k You, Pay Me (APPLIED SCIENCE)

G-SPOT (Section)

23. Brainstorm (NOTION, SHARKY, CEE) prod – EON
24. Flava in Your Ear (CABLE, SUBSTANCE, LAKES)
25. Far Away (SUBSTANCE) prod – BIG BEN
28. Kick in the Door (BRANDED MOORE, SHARKY, CABLE)
33. Quit Frontin (ADAM WALSH) prod- JUS BEATS

CHASE MARCH (Section 2)

37. Boom Blah (JUKEBOX VERBAL)
38. Resurrection (IRONIC)
39. Flashbacks (MLNY ft FILTHY TARANTINO) prod – EQ
40. Castles on a Cloud (L.E.O.) prod – XPLICIT
42. Living Proof (AGE, EXIT ONLY)
43. Souls Rebelz Remix (MICROPHONE MISFITZ)

Disc 1

Disc 2

Download this project for free or pay-what-you-can from our Bandcamp Page

Sons of Boombap Mixtape Release Party

Sons of Boombap are on a mission to smash the stage with the same energy and passion that made you fall in love with hip hop in the first place.

DWG and the SOB Collective proudly presents…

SOB - The Past is the Future (cover)


Double Mixtape Release Party!!!

The absolute best in old-school, boombap hip hop all night long.

Come have a couple drinks and help us celebrate the culture that we all love.

Music provided by

DJ Hullewud
Chase March

Live performaces by

Moore & Exit Only
the Original SOB’s (Sharky, Cable, Fraction, Illtone)
and more.


Martini Bar
645 Richmond St
London, Ontario, Canada
Above the Mongolian Grill


Friday August 12, 2016
starting at 9:00 p.m.

Facebook Event Page


The mixtape will be available on The Sons of Boombap Bandcamp Page.

Support real hip-hip!

I hope to see you there!

Happy Valentine’s Day, My Love!

Front Cover

This is the second Valentine’s Day that I have had with my beautiful, amazing, and thoughtful girlfriend. I mixed this collection of songs with love just for her.

Diana, you make my life so much better. Thank you for your friendship and your love.

I hope you enjoy this mix!

Back Cover

You can download this mixtape for your listening pleasure,

or stream it with the player below.

Would you like a customized mixtape just for you or your loved one? I promise you that it will be completely one of a kind. Music makes a great gift and you can cherish the mix forever. Order yours now.

If you enjoy this mix, please show your support by clicking on the banner below.

Thank you!

Support the DJ 1

Doctor Who Mixtape 2

Doctor Who Mixtape 2 Front Cover

Doctor Who – Mixtape 2 by Chase March

This mixtape is a love letter to one of the best shows on television.

It is the second tape in the series. You can find the first edition here.

Doctor Who Mixtape 2 Back Cover

All of the songs fit the theme of the show perfectly, are blended and mixed together so you have 80 minutes of non-stop music and action, and audio clips from show.

You can download the album version that will allow you to skip tracks. You can also burn it to a CD (just remember to select “No Gap” between songs when burning your disc)

Download the album version

Download the mixtape as one MP3 file

Pay What You Can

I spent a lot of time putting this mix together, if you like what you hear, please pay what you can for downloading or streaming it.

Donate via PayPal

Enjoy the Music

I hope you enjoy the mix. Please share this will all of your Whovian Fans!

Allons y!

Support the DJ

Need the Perfect Gift? My Valentine’s Day Mixtape Service is the Answer!

Valentine's Day Mixtape ServiceDo you need the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone?

Have you been racking your brains trying to find a gift that is meaningful and personal?

Here is the perfect solution.

Give your Valentine a professional mixtape.

I can craft the perfect mix to celebrate your love. All you need to do is give me a few songs that you know your loved one enjoys, a few songs that have meaning to you both, and I will do the rest.

You can fit about 20 songs on a mix CD. If you don’t have 20 songs you’d like to include, give me an idea of the type of music or artists that you want included.

Here is an example of what I did for my girlfriend last year.

Valentine's Day Mix for My Love

Here is another one I did for a past girlfriend for a third anniversary present

Stacy 3

You will get an album version of the mix, with tracks that you can skip and that can be easily burned to CD or uploaded to your phone, MP3 player, or computer.

You can have a professional mix for your loved one this Valentine’s Day or for any special anniversary.

I am offering this service for $70 right now. That’s an amazing price for a gift that is forever. A great mix never gets old and becomes a time capsule of sorts.

Book Your Mixtape Now!

You will get a non-stop mix, full colour CD art, and a digital copy of the project. If you order by Friday, I guarantee that it will be delivered to you via email the day before Valentine’s Day.

Contact Me and let me do all the work!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Introducing Chase March DJ Services

Chase March DJ Services Square

Chase March DJ Services has officially launched

I am available to DJ your event. I can DJ weddings, personal, and corporate events, fashion shows, birthday parties, and even offer an interactive experience for teenagers and pre-teens.

I can play any type of music and make your event a success!

Live Rap Performances

I am also available to back up your live performances. Having a live DJ makes your rap show more professional. If you are a rapper and want to step up your live show, don’t hesitate to contact me for one-off shows, concerts, and tours.


I will host your mixtape, cut and scratch on hooks, blend your albums together in a seamless way, and can even drop a guest verse on your track. I am also available to guest-host and DJ for your radio program or podcast


$500 a night for a regular DJ gig
$800 to bring a show with live performers*
$100 to host and blend your mixtape or album
$35 an hour for a casual DJ gig
$35 to scratch a hook or chorus for your rap song

*If you require me to book a specific artist or an entire bill, prices are negotiable and reasonable.


Call or Text – 1 (519) 851-2100
Email –
Facebook –
Chase March DJ Services –

I look forward to working with you at your event!

Happy Valentine’s Day – A Mixtape for My Love

Valentine's Day Mix for My Love

As I write this post, I am reminded of how I have declared my love on this blog three times. I was in love that many times. It’s true! And I thought each of those relationships would blossom into a death-till-you-part marriage. That is something I have wanted my whole life.

Today, I am thankful that none of those relationships worked out the way I had intended them to. If they had, I would have missed on out on finding someone absolutely incredible.

Her name is Diana and I am completely in love with her.

My grandma used to say when you meet “the one,” you will just know.

Well, I know that I have finally met her.

We connect on so many levels. I have never had someone whose soul aligns with mine as perfectly. We just fit. And it is an incredible feeling.

This is our first Valentine’s Day together and in honour of the occasion, I have made her a mixtape.

You can download the album version for free (with skippable tracks)

or stream it with the player below.


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! 

Celebrate Christmas with 3 Hours of Mixtapes

Merry Christmas from SC

I get really bored of the same old Christmas Carols. That’s why I crafted some original Christmas-themed music mixes to help you celebrate the season.

A DOPEfm Christmas – great hip-hop mixed by yours truly


and if that doesn’t do you for your Christmas music needs, you can check for the sequel.

I’m proud that I didn’t have to repeat too many songs in this second edition either.

A DOPEfm Christmas 2


and if hip-hop isn’t your forte, you can stream or download,

All I Want for Christmas is a Mixtape!


Enjoy the tunes!

I wish you all the best this holiday season!

A Mixtape to Celebrate 3 Months


Stacy 3

I met the love of my life 3 months ago and time has flown by. Yet, at the same time, it seems like it can’t have only been three months. It seems like I have know her much longer. And it’s a great feeling.

Her favourite song right now is All of Me by John Legend so I had to kick off the tape with it. I did play with the three month theme though with a creative intro. I won’t give it away, just press play and enjoy!

Help us celebrate by downloading or streaming this mixtape! 

01. John Legend – All of Me
02. American Authors – Best Day of My Life
03. Blake Shelton – Ten Times Crazier
04. Imagine Dragons – Demons
05. Dem Atlas – All We Got
06. Atmosphere – The World Might Not Live Through the Night
07. Avril / Evan – Best Years of Our Lives
08. Robyn – Show Me Love
09. Kriss Kross – Jump
10. Ina Kamozi – Hotstepper
11. Brad Paisley – Then
12. Tim McGraw – Just to See You Smile
13. Belly – Red
14. superGARAGE – Away
15. Bif Naked – Moment of Weakness
16. Goldfinger – Superman
17. Might Mighty Bosstones – The Impression That I Get
18. Reverie and LC Collective – Calm Before the Storm
19. Angel Haze – Battle Cry
20. The Flan – Don’t Tell Me

Download the album version (with skippable tracks)

or stream it with the player below!

My Heart is Yours (Mixtape Download)

My Heart is Yours

I have found the love of my life, my soul mate, my everything.

Her name is Stacy and she amazes me every day. I love her so much and made this mix to celebrate our first month together.

You can Download the Album Version or stream it with the player below.

Enjoy the tunes and help us celebrate this special day!

01. Arctic Monkeys – Baby I’m Yours
02. Heiruspecs – Heartsprings
03. Ghostface ft. She and Him – Save Me Dear
04. Penny and the Quarters – You & Me
05. Smoking Popes – Need You Around
06. Smoother – New Friend’s Theme Song
07. Avril Lavinge / Leona Lewis – I Will Be
08. Lonestar – Amazed
09. Lee Brice – Love Like Crazy
10. Pharrell Williams – Happy
11. Organized Rhyme – Happy Song
12. OK Go – Here We Go Again
13. Veruca Salt – Volcano Girls
14. Atmosphere – She’s Enough
15. Talib Kweli – Get By
16. Nas – The World is Yours
17. FYC – She Drives Me Crazy
18. Culture Club – Karma Chameleon
19. Michael Jackson / Will.I.Am – The Girl is Mine
20. Linda Rondstadt – All My Life
21. Jack Johnson – Better Together
22. Treble Charger – Red
23. Tim McGraw – It’s Your Love

Still Thinking of You – A Birthday Mixtape

It’s Dana’s birthday today and even though I haven’t talked to her in close to a year, I felt like I had to reach out over the blogosphere and let her know that I still think of her.

I wanted to give her this birthday present because it really is all that I can give at this point. I just hope she sees it and I hope she likes it.

Happy Birthday Dana!

You can stream the mix with this player

If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here

or download it in album format with skippable tracks.

I hope you enjoy the mix!

Get Professional Sound on Your Recordings in Audacity

Audacity is a free audio recording and mixing program. I use it to make all of my podcasts, radio shows, and mixtapes. It’s an easy to use program and I thought I’d been getting the most out of it. I was wrong.

There are quite a few tutorial videos online from very diverse sources. I’ve watched a lot of them and even made a couple myself. But these videos, mine included, haven’t offered the best advice.

I’ve noticed that my recordings seem to be a little quiet in comparison to other files I listen to online. I didn’t know why this was happening and wasn’t sure what I could do about it.

Daddy J suggested I try using another program to hopefully get a more professional sound. I downloaded the one he suggested and I played around with it. But I didn’t like the layout of the screen and it wasn’t as intuitive as I had hoped.

The tips Daddy J gave me couldn’t be just for that harder to use program. There had to be some way for me to do what he was suggesting using the program that I already have and know how to use.

So, I once again took to YouTube and found this very helpful video from an experienced DJ.

I used his tips and my recordings sound some much better now.

Part of the problem was that when I started podcasting four years ago, our hosting service would only accept small MP3 files. Plus I just used Audacity the way it appeared when I first opened the program. As such, I wasn’t getting the most of out of program.

Here are the new tips I learned. . .

1) Float the meter toolbar and extend it. Keep it on the bottom of the screen and pay attention to it. (see above video)

2) Try to make the recording a consistent level. Use your ears when layering tracks on top of each other.

3) Export the draft version of the recording as a wave file.

4) Open a new Audacity project and import that draft wave file into it.

5) Next, play the quietest part of the recording and see where it peaks on the meter. (see above video)

6) Go to “effect,” select “hard limiter,” and set it to whatever that level was (i.e. -8.0 db)

7) Next, select the entire track. Go to “effect,” and “amplify” the track to -0.1 db

8) Now export the file as a wave for the best sound or as an MP3 to share it online.

9) Make sure you go to “options” set it to 320 kbps and set the “channel mode” to stereo. Don’t use “joint stereo” because the sound quality won’t be as good.

I never did all of the above steps before. My recordings now sound so much better. Listen to my older recordings and then listen to the stuff I released this year. Let me know if you notice a difference.

If you have any tips, tricks, or techniques you’d like to share, please leave a comment below.

Superman: The Mixtape (Clean Version)

Last week, I released my Superman-themed mixtape.

I wanted to have a version of the mix that I could play anywhere I wanted to without having to worry about offensive lyrics. So I made a clean version of the same tape by removing two songs and censoring one other.

Download Superman: The Mixtape (Clean Version)

01. Radio Intro
02. The Clique – Superman
03. REM – I am Superman
04. Goldfinger – Superman
05. The Kinks – Wish I could Fly Like Superman
06. Johnny Guitar Watson – Superman Lover
07. Big Head Todd & The Monsters – Resignation Superman
08. Sufjan Stevens – The Man of Metropolis Steals Out Hearts
09. Crash Test Dummies – Superman’s Song
10. Joe Brooks – Superman
11. Aaron Tippon – Honky Tonk Superman
12. Firewater – So Long Superman
13. Newcleus – Jam On It
14. 3 Doors Down – Kryptonite
15. Eric Clapton – Superman Inside
16. Lazlo Bane – I’m No Superman
17. Five for Fighting – Superman
18. Flaming Lips – Waitin’ for Superman
19. Our Lady Peace – Superman’s Dead
20. John Williams – Movie Theme

Enjoy the tunes!

If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here

Superman: The Mixtape

Last year, on this very day, I dedicated a mixtape to one of the most iconic superheroes of our time, Batman.

I decided to make this a tradition and to release another superhero-themed mixtape this year.

This one is dedicated to the Man of Steel.

There were so many great songs to choose from, and all dealing with the Superman.

Download Superman: The Mixtape (the album version)

01. Radio Intro
02. The Clique – Superman
03. REM – I am Superman
04. Goldfinger – Superman
05. The Kinks – Wish I could Fly Like Superman
06. Johnny Guitar Watson – Superman Lover
07. Redman – A Day of Sooperman Lover
08. Above the Law – Black Superman
09. Big Head Todd & The Monsters – Resignation Superman
10. Sufjan Stevens – The Man of Metropolis Steals Out Hearts
11. Crash Test Dummies – Superman’s Song
12. Joe Brooks – Superman
13. Aaron Tippon – Honky Tonk Superman
14. Firewater – So Long Superman
15. Newcleus – Jam On It
16. 3 Doors Down – Kryptonite
17. Eric Clapton – Superman Inside
18. Lazlo Bane – I’m No Superman
19. Five for Fighting – Superman
20. Flaming Lips – Waitin’ for Superman
21. Our Lady Peace – Superman’s Dead
22. John Williams – Movie Theme

or stream it with the player below.

Next week, I will release a kids friendly version of this tape. This version does have a few adult moments to it. The stream below is the all-ages approved mix and will be available in album format soon.

I hope you enjoy the tunes!

If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here

2012 – Year of the Themed Mixtape

At the beginning of last year I challenged myself to make a mixtape every single month for the entire year.

12 mixtapes for 2012!

I actually surpassed that goal and made 14 of them.

Click on the pictures to download or stream each mix.

Enjoy the tunes!

Click on the cover pictures to download each mixtape. You’ll be taken to the original blog post where you’ll be able to stream each mix, download it as one MP3 file or as a tracked album.

Enjoy the music!

December 10th – A Farewell Postcard

For the past three years, I’ve made a mixtape every December 10th. This, however, is the final edition of that series. It’s time to move on.

So I present you with December 10th: A Farewell Postcard.

I hope you enjoy the tunes. And to Witgirl, wherever you are, I hope you have a Happy Birthday and a wonderful year!

01. Jason Aldean – Do You Wish It Was Me?
02. Jake Owen – The One That Got Away
03. Alex Clare – Too Close
04. Rudimental – Feel the Love
05. Gangstarr- Lovesick
06. Murs and 9th Wonder – Dance With Me
07. Hinder – Lips of an Angel
08. Headstones – And
09. Evan Taubenfeld / Avril Lavigne – Best Years of Our Lives
10. Pink – Try
11. Beneficence / Masta Ace – Reality vs Fiction
12. K’Naan – Hurt Me Tomorrow
13. Down With Webster – Jessica
14. OK Go – Needing / Getting
15. D-sisive – Don’t Turn the Lights Out

Download December 10th – A Farewell Postcard in album format

(All I Really Want) A Mixtape for Chirstmas

All I Really Want is A Mixtape for Christmas

This is the fourth and final mix for The Social Playlist Challenge by My Music Cloud. It’s been a lot of fun putting together a mixtape every week this month.

This week’s challenge was to put together a playlist of songs that could be played at a holiday party. I already made a really cool Christmas-themed mixtape last year and I didn’t want to repeat myself. That being said, Run-DMC’s “Christmas is Hollis” just had to show up again.

This mix is perfect for your holiday party. It starts out light and comical, gets a bit funky, slows down just as it should near the middle, and then picks up the pace again to end with a bang.

01. Barenaked Ladies – Green Christmas
02. Bill Nighy – Christmas is All Around
03. Straight No Chaser – 12 Days of Christmas
04. Boney M – Feliz Navidad
05. Mega Ran – Snow Business
06. Run-DMC – Christmas is Hollis
07. Chuck Berry – Run Rudolph Run
08. Chris Rea – Driving Home for Christmas
09. Billy Squier – Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You
10. Alvin & The Chipmunks – Chipmunk Song
11. Elmo & Patsy – Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
12. Dragonette- Merry Xmas (Says Your Text Message)
13. The Kinks – Father Christmas
14. The Ravonettes – The Christmas Song
15. Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Wizards in Winter

Download the album version

Download this mix as one long MP3 file

Or stream it with the player below.

And please vote for me with a Facebook like or a Retweet on Twitter.

Enjoy the tunes!

photo credit: andywon via photopin cc

If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here

November Leaves, Love, and Longing (Mixtape)

Here is the mixtape I made for the third week of The Social Playlist Challenge. It’s called “November Leaves, Love, and Longing”

I wanted this mix to have melancholy, yearning, and romance from a wide variety of acts and genres.

The theme this week was “Fall Romance” and I really wanted to set it in the here and now. That is why it has some songs about November.

The songs and audio clips from a television series come together to tell a story. Throughout this mix, we can hear two characters coming together and, over time, realizing that they are indeed soulmates.

I really like the way this mix turned out. I was a little reluctant to do this theme. But I think I managed to portray a “Fall Romance” in perfect Chase March style.

Enjoy the tunes!

01. Emerson Drive – November
02. Ed Sheeran – Autumn Leaves
03. Fitzgerald and Armstrong – Autumn in NY
04. Wyclef – Gone Till November
05. D-sisive – I Love a Girl
06. Coldplay – Don’t Let It Break Your Heart
07. White Stripes – Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground
08. Billy Talent – Fallen Leaves
09. Johnny Cash – Seasons of My Heart
10. Harry Connick Jr. – It Had to Be You
11. Kanye West – All Falls Down
12. Lost Boyz – Renee
13. Oasis – Wonderwall
14. Garth Brooks – Unanswered Prayers
15. Sugarland – Stuck Like Glue

Download the album version

Download the mix as one long MP3 file

or stream it with the player below. . .

and please vote for me on Facebook by liking a post that MyMusicCloud will put up tomorrow about this mix

or on Twitter by a Retweet.


If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here