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Write About Now (Free Download)

This is the first album I ever released commercially.

That actually was my skateboard at the time as well. I just put the logo sticker on it and my uncle took this shot for the CD cover.

I redid the back cover this week and changed the copyright information. I don’t mind if people download this and share it. In fact, I hope they do.

This album is almost 15 years old now. It’s hard to believe that much time has passed since I tried to get a music career started. It was a lot of fun recording and playing shows with my group, Mission 5. There are times now when I miss that life. It makes me want to get back in the studio and record something new.

We were one of the first hip-hop crews in Hamilton to release an enhanced CD. It isn’t much but you get some video clips, a photo gallery, the bio, and a few other goodies if you can actually manage to still find a physical copy of this CD.

I’m proud of this album even though it has a few flaws in it. That’s why I’ve decided to rerelease it online for free.


Hear This – Brilliant Tribe Called Quest Mix

I love A Tribe Called Quest. So when I saw a best-of mixtape, I thought I’d give it a chance. I have all of their records but I thought it might be nice to bump this mix in the car.

I’m so glad I downloaded it.

This mixtape starts off perfectly. DJ M-Rock cuts some classic Tribe lines and scratches some braggadocio lyrics to show that he definitely has skills on the turntables.

It’s obvious that he has a passion for hip-hop, this group, and the art of deejaying. You can almost hear how much fun he is having delivering this mix. Not only that, he gets really creative with how he puts together the tracks.

M-Rock isn’t just content with lining up the greatest hits of a Tribe Called Quest. Instead, he finds connections between the tracks and leaps through their catalog in ways that make you take notice.

One of my favourite parts of this tape is when M-Rock takes “Find My Way” and loops it to perfectly segue into another song. Listen to this tape around the 11 minute mark to hear what I mean.

Q-tip has a line in that song where he mentions that a girl is so hot, it makes him stop and pant like a dog. He then takes a moment to breathe emphatically before he continues his rhyme. That’s what usually happens when listening to the song. However, M-Rock brilliantly loops up that two seconds of breathing and uses it to transition into Q-Tip’s solo song “Breathe and Stop.”

I must admit I was never a fan of that solo joint but what M-Rock did with that mix made me jam to that song in a way I never had before.

M-Rock continues to cut, scratch, and blend tracks in very innovative ways. He is able to find lyrics that connect one song to another and then transition to them in ways that make you throw your hands in the air and cheer. I seriously did that when listening to this mix. I don’t think he heard me though.

But guess what?

He heard me. I love Twitter! I wasn’t following him prior to this either.

The Best Of a Tribe Called Quest by DJ M-Rock is the best mixtape I’ve heard in a long time. You can download it for free, stream it with the player below, and check for some other great mixes from DJ M-Rock.


Hear This – Cradle Orchestra

I came across this amazing album by Cradle Orchestra quite by chance.

Sometimes all it takes is a name or a creative album cover to catch my attention. This one certainly did that. It’s called “Transcended Elements.”

As I scanned the tracklisting, I was intrigued to see the line up of notable emcees featured on this album.

I was expecting to hear a weird mash up of rappers to classical music, but what I got was straight hip-hop.

I was won over from the very opening notes. I was delighted to hear Speech from Arrested Development showing that he can still lead a great song.

The album doesn’t feel as if it were just thrown either. It plays like a cohesive project, thanks to the experience and expertise of Cradle Orchestra. These guys have been putting together live instrumentation and underground emcees for years now.

Japan has a strong hip-hop scene. However, I had never heard of Cradle Orchestra until this week. I’m just glad I stumbled across this album and I think you will be too. You really should Hear This!

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Hear This is a feature on Silent Cacophony that highlights some of the great music that is quite literally hiding in the underground.

If you have any suggestions of releases you think we should check for, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

Hear This – Earthworthy

Some of the best music is quite literally hiding. This is definitely the case when it comes to female emcees. That’s why I am working hard to bring exposure to this often over-looked aspect of hip-hop culture.

I discovered this album quite by accident earlier this summer. I was drawn to it by the cover, hoping that I had found another great female rapper.

The opening beat was so banging that I was hooked immediately. It sounded like something Eternia would do.

As I continued to listen to this album, I couldn’t help but smile. Kadyelle raps to hard-hitting beats. She has something to say as well. And she does it all with style.

This is independent and underground hip-hop at its best. Kadyelle hails from Australia and has quite the sexy accent.

Check out this video, and then be sure to hop on over to her bandcamp page. There, you can download this amazing album for free. You will see why she has made it in My Top 10 albums of 2010. Enjoy!

– Kadyelle “Anybody Like Me” from the album Earthworthy