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Women in Hip-Hop 3 Mixset

This weekend, we celebrated International Women’s Day by dedicating our entire night’s worth of programming on DOPEfm to the Women in Hip-Hop.

It was our 3rd Annual Women in Hip-Hop Spectacular and it was a lot of fun delivering great content to you all night long.

This is the mixset that kicked off the show this year and it features a great line-up of female emcees.

You can download this underground hip-hop mix for free or stream it with the player below.

Red Shaydez – Give Me More
L’il London – Pecolating
Signif – Make Moves
The Reminders – Recollect
J-Sass – Whisper
Akua-Naru – Listening
Kelly Maize – 2012
Kadyelle – A Good Life
Apani B Fly ft. Jean Grae – Epidemic
Gavlyn – Survive
Dutch Rebelle – Sunday Morning
Tiff the Gift – Dear You
Harmony Muzik – Raise Hell
Lyric Jones ft. Phene – Reasons Why
Nina B ft. Torae – No Regrets
Tiye Pheonix – 48 Bars of Progression
Bahamadia – Do What I Believe

Enjoy the tunes!

If you cannot see the audio controls, listen/download the audio file here

Celebrating International Women’s Day – Women in Hip-Hop 3

Beautiful poster done by one of my students

DOPEfm celebrates International Women’s Day every year by dedicating the entire overnight program to the Women in Hip-Hop. This year marks the third annual special presentation.

For this year’s show I have produced two hours of Know Your History detailing the important moments in female-fronted hip-hop from 1912 all the way up to 2013.

We have a female deejay, L’oqenz, providing us with a dope hour of music and we talk to her about her craft.

I spin an hours worth of music where every single track is by a female emcee.

We also have a roundtable discussion with some very talented artists including Miss.She.Ill, K from Class of 93, Dominique Larue, and Ash Knuckles.

I also talk to a graduate student about the issues surrounding women in hip-hop culture.

We get everything started at 12:00 midnight and run straight through to 7:00 a.m. Sunday morning.

There are some great voices in hip-hop music and culture. We need to recognize and celebrate them every day, but especially once a year on International Women’s Day.

If you missed the last two years of our special programming, don’t worry. You can download them for free anytime you like.

Women in Hip-Hop I (2011)
Women in Hip-Hop II (2012)

Please tune in live this Saturday night to hear our third annual Women in Hip-Hop Spectacular.

Celebrating International Women’s Day on DOPEfm and Silent Cacophony.

DOPEfm’s International Women’s Day Spectacular TONIGHT

Tune in live TONIGHT starting at 12:00 midnight to hear DOPEfm’s annual International Women’s Day Tribute show.

We dedicate all 7 hours of our programming to the Women in Hip-Hop.

This year’s show is even bigger and better than last years.

You will hear some great mixsets from myself and from Gamma Krush where every single track we play will have been blessed by a woman. Either on the microphone, from the behind the turntables, or on the production tip.

We also have a very special round table discussion with 3 dope female MCs; Nilla, Lady A.S.G., and Kool Krys, and a hip-hop promotor, Our Sis Sam.

We will sit down and talk to Money Stax and play some of her great music. We also have an exclusive interview with DJ Betti Forde.

And, if that weren’t enough, we also have a special edition of Know Your History focusing on the first lady of Canadian hip-hop, Michie Mee.

I hope you will tune in live tonight wherever you are. There are several ways you can listen tonight.

  • Tune your radio dial to 93.3 fm if you live in the Hamilton, Ontario, Canada area.
  • Catch us online
  • Live radio by phone 1-704-772-7627. Station ID is 10042
  • Cogeco Cable Digital Channel 288 (Ontario)
  • Shaw Cable Radio 93.9 FM (Ontario)

Buzz and Praise (It is Time to Redefine Masculinity)

I hope you had the chance to read my latest article over at The Word is Bond.

It’s entitled “RE: DEFinition: Changing our Perception of Masculinity”

It’s generated a little buzz and I’d like to share some if it here.

They called my post “genius,”

and Mariel Richards LOVED my article on the Word is Bond site.

She then wrote a post on her blog, Mariel’s Fresh Start, about it.

She called it “a breath of fresh air”

and she also said that “the writing and message behind the article is amazing.”

“One of my favourite quotes from her pieces is Hip Hop music is wonderful, I love it, but anytime I pay enough attention to the lyrics, or I’m unlucky enough to catch a video, it does upset me. Why must this genre of music in particular be so unbelievably offensive? The link between hip hop and the black community in particular is seriously undermining the black feminist movement, but articles like this are helping to change that.”


I agree with her criticism about the article as well. She doesn’t like the use of “our women” in it.

I have to point out here that the only time I used the phrase “our women” was in a direct quote. Mariel is absolutely right when she says, “if you’re trying to break the problem of women being seen as the sexual property of men, don’t use possessives”

We have a long way to go in hip-hop music and in the feminism movement. A lot of people probably don’t think so. We don’t often think of these issues within our music and culture. I’m glad we’ve had this discussion and that it has sparked a few posts, Tweets, or reblogs as well.

Thanks for the support. I really appreciate it!