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Daredevil Ends with Shadowland

Daredevil is my all-time favourite superhero.

The work Frank Miller did in the first run of the comic book series completely revolutionized the entire medium of comics.

The second run of the comic series began in 1998 and the title continued to soar. I never thought it would come to an end but it has with these titles.

Lady Bullseye is a dangerous new foe. She leads the ninja assassin gang known as The Hand and targets both Daredevil and his not-too-secret identity of Matthew Murdoch.

The Kingpin and Daredevil shaking hands? What’s going on here? It basically the-enemy-of-my-enemy is my friend deal. They need to work together to help clean up the messy situation that The Hand has brought to the city.

It turns out that The Hand was trying to recruit Daredevil to lead them. Feeling really guilty of all the harm that has come to his neighbourhood and his friends, Daredevil actually agrees. He thinks he can change the direction of the evil organization and use them as a force for good. Of course, things aren’t that easy.

I don’t want to give away what happens in the final story of the series. I will say that The Hand, under the leadership of Daredevil, builds a super-prison right in the middle of Hell’s Kitchen. The fortress is called Shadowland and the rest of the heroes in the Marvel Universe are not happy with the state of Martial Law that Daredevil has declared.

The one thing I didn’t like about these two hardcover editions of Shadowland is that the stories intertwine. They would be better served in one collection. As far as reading order goes, it makes more sense to read one issue of Shadowland and the issue # 1 of Shadowland: Daredevil and then to continue that pattern. Otherwise the story is a little fractured.

The story was a good one but it didn’t bring closure to the character or the series. That is why I am glad to see that Daredevil lives on in comic form. A Third Volume of the comic is currently in production.

I am collecting that series as well but so far I’ve only read Issue #1. I much prefer the hardcover collections and have Volume 1 sitting on my bookshelf. I will read it soon and blog about it here.

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Still Collecting Daredevil Toys

Daredevil is my favourite superhero and I’ve managed to build up a pretty nice collection of merchandise.

Here are my latest additions to the collection.

Daredevil, comics, toys, Marvel super-hero

It’s hard to see the newest piece here. It is small and my camera doesn’t have a macro focus.

Daredevil, comics, toys, Marvel super-hero

This toy is called a Bonkazonk and it is quite similar to a Mighty Bean. To me, it looks like half a bean. It is weighted just like those toys and you can flick it around and play all sorts of games with them too.

It came in a pack with three other figures. I got a Spiderman, Ghost Rider, and Deathlok.

Daredevil, comics, toys, Marvel super-hero

I also got this mini hauler. It’s a really nice looking car-carrier truck.

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More Daredevil Swag

Here’s my latest Daredevil figure to add to the collection.

This box is really big and the figure looks so cool. I like the numb chucks on this one as well. They can stay in the air and don’t just hang straight down.

I really want to take this one out of the packaging. . .

But it looks so cool at the top of my display cabinet.

I think I’ll keep it in the box for now. I’m not sure how long that will last though.

Here’s another interesting addition to my collection.

I love this one because it was made especially for me.

It was crafted out of plastercine by one of my students and it has some nice detail to it. Daredevil has the mask complete with horns. It has the DD logo on his chest and he’s holding numb-chucks. Very cool!

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