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Happy Halloween – Hip-Hop Style

Want to celebrate Halloween with some dope hip-hop vibes?

Press play and enjoy The Word is Bond Haunted Rap Radio Hour or download it for free.

Whodini – The Haunted House of Rock
DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince – Nightmare on My Street
Geto Boys – Minds Playing Tricks
– Nowhere to run, Nowhere to hide
The Arsonists – Halloween
Mykill Myers – Straight Dirt
Bad Meets Evil – Scary Movie
Jay-Z– D’Evils
Dana Dane – Nightmares
Mission 5 – Celery Stalks
Ice Cube – Dr. Frankenstein
Bone Thugs and Harmony – Hell Sent
Bobby Boris Picket – Monster Mash

I hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween!

WIB Haunted Rap Radio Hour by Thewordisbond.Com on Mixcloud

Introducing Chase March DJ Services

Chase March DJ Services Square

Chase March DJ Services has officially launched

I am available to DJ your event. I can DJ weddings, personal, and corporate events, fashion shows, birthday parties, and even offer an interactive experience for teenagers and pre-teens.

I can play any type of music and make your event a success!

Live Rap Performances

I am also available to back up your live performances. Having a live DJ makes your rap show more professional. If you are a rapper and want to step up your live show, don’t hesitate to contact me for one-off shows, concerts, and tours.


I will host your mixtape, cut and scratch on hooks, blend your albums together in a seamless way, and can even drop a guest verse on your track. I am also available to guest-host and DJ for your radio program or podcast


$500 a night for a regular DJ gig
$800 to bring a show with live performers*
$100 to host and blend your mixtape or album
$35 an hour for a casual DJ gig
$35 to scratch a hook or chorus for your rap song

*If you require me to book a specific artist or an entire bill, prices are negotiable and reasonable.


Call or Text – 1 (519) 851-2100
Email –
Facebook –
Chase March DJ Services –

I look forward to working with you at your event!

Rich Writer, Poor Writer

I am illiterate.

I have two university degrees, am an avid reader, have been writing fiction, novels, and blog posts for years, but when it comes to money . . .

I am financially illiterate.

Other writers probably feel the same way. We focus on our craft and our daily lives. Money doesn’t seem to be all that important. And yet, we chase the dream of becoming best-selling authors.

Rich Dad Poor Dad book

I am currently reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki because I want to get in better control of my finances.

Poor Writer

I almost put the book down though. The opening paragraph was so bad that I laughed out loud. I swore and got ready to throw the book across the room. For some reason I didn’t.

I stuck with the book and laughed again when the author admitted to being a poor author.

He was talking with an newspaper columnist at the time as he was being interviewed for an article. The columnist wanted to branch out into fiction, but hadn’t been able to crack into that industry. She kept her day job at the newspaper but still had her eyes set on becoming a best-selling author just like Kiyosaki.

That’s when, Kiyosaki simply replied, “I’m a terrible writer, you’re a great writer.”

Rich Writer

So why did he succeed and she did not? He suggested that it all boiled down to the concept of sales. She just needed to become a better sales person to take her work to the next level.

Perhaps that is true. Maybe it’s more complicated than that. All I know is that, Kiyosaki has made an interesting observation . . .

Got Talent?

I’m constantly shocked by how little talented people earn.

Talent isn’t enough. I know some amazing musicians and artists who can’t seem to make their art marketable. Why is that?

One Skill Away From Great Wealth

Most people only need to learn and master one more skill and their income would jump exponentially.

That skill could be salesmanship. It could be marketing. It could be learning about how money works and becoming financially literate.

Be a Life-long Learner

Whatever that skill is that you are lacking, educate yourself.

Learning is a life-long journey and I’m still learning. Are you?

Mount Brydges Skatepark

skateparks 052

The Mount Brydges Optimist Skatepark has been been a staple of the town for a number of years now.

skateparks 053

It has all the typical ramps and obstacles you would expect to find at one of these parks.

skateparks 054

The pyramid at the centre of the skatepark is short and great for beginners.

skateparks 055

The quarter-pipe is a little too steep though.

skateparks 056

The ramps on either side of the park don’t have any coping bars, but there is plenty of space to zoom around on.

Overall, this is an average park. I wouldn’t recommend coming out of your way to skate here. But if you’re in town, it’s worth a stop-over.

Want to See More Skateparks?

Visual Skatepark Tour Archive (almost two dozen great spots to skate)

The Future is Here!

Today is Back to the Future Day, the exact day that Marty McFly travelled to the future. He is scheduled to be here any minute.

Unfortunately, the future we see in the film looks little like our daily lives. We don’t have flying cars and I still don’t have my hoverboard.

We do, however have cell phones. The film predicted a wide-spread use of fax machines and people still fighting over using one home lines. We should be thankful for that.

So the future is a little different, by Doc Brown explains it all in this clip.

He says, “The future has finally arrived. Yes, it is different than we all thought, but don’t worry, it just means your future hasn’t been written yet. No one’s has. Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one.”


Happy Back to the Future Day!

Going on Automatic – Zoned Out Driving

Do you ever zone out when driving?

Zoned Out Driving

You start out with a specific destination in mind, but your brain takes over and starts leading you somewhere else.

That happened to me this week. Instead of taking the turn I should have, I kept driving straight along the road like I was going somewhere other than work.

I often drive straight down this street for a variety of different reasons and to many different destinations. So I guess it makes sense, on some level, that my brain took over and just assumed I was going somewhere else.

Needless to say, I missed my turn and it was so dark outside that I didn’t even notice for a minute or so.

I always wonder how it is possible to drive like that.

Does this ever happen to you?

Do you have any interesting stories to share?

Please leave a comment below!

The Latest Word is Bond Rap Radio Interviews

I love talking to hip-hop artists in depth and on the radio dial. It gives us all a chance to learn about the creative process, experience some great music, and hear frank discussion on a variety of issues.

I hope that you have been listening to the show every week on 94.9 CHRW. I don’t always podcast every moment of the show, so you can hear exclusive content by tuning in.

Here are the latest in-depth interviews from Word is Bond Rap Radio.

Please like and share using the hashtag #WIBRapRadio

Manny Garcia and Termanology

WIB Rap Radio – Termanology and Manny Garcia by Thewordisbond.Com on Mixcloud

Ilyas Nashid

WIB Rap Radio – Ilyas Nashid (of Tanya Morgan) by Thewordisbond.Com on Mixcloud

Fong Sai-U

WIB Rap Radio – Exclusive Fong Sai U Interview by Thewordisbond.Com on Mixcloud

McLennan Skatepark – Kitchener

McLennan Park

McLennan Park is located at 901 Ottawa Street South in Kitchener, Ontario and it is quite the place to visit for an afternoon of family fun. They have a leash-free dog park, a splash pad, basketball courts, a dirt bike course, a playground, and a great skateboard park.


This is one of the few parks in the area that has a full-sized bowl.

pool ledge coping

There are places where you can skate it just like a half-pipe. It even has an extra tall wall with pool-style coping at the top.

Street Course

And for the new-era skateboarders, it has a nice street course as well.

double camel hump

The double camel humps are a lot of fun.

launch ramp

There are plenty of places to grind.


This quarter-pipe is quite nice.

stairs and grind ledge

Here is a shot of the three-step, downslope ledge, jump ramp, and incline.


These stairs are more for the advanced skateboarders.


I’ve been to this park many times and have yet to see anyone use this obstacle.

hardcore plaque

This is a great park and very enjoyable to skate. Come skate it with me some day!

Want to see more skateparks?

Virtual Skatepark Tours (Close to 20 great places to skate)


Shake it Up in the Classroom

Shake It Up in the ClassroomThere are all sorts of things you can do to shake things up in your classroom. But teachers are expected to have a certain level of decorum. That is why I included the first item in this post. From there, it gets interesting. So, read on!

Dress Appropriately 

I think teachers should dress appropriately for school. Having a professional attire is just one of the things we should all be doing on a regular basis. I wear a tie to class at least three times a week.

Even on Fridays, when a lot of teachers dress down, I still wear casual pants and a golf shirt. Although, wearing jeans and a school t-shirt also works on the occasional spirit day or the day before a holiday.

Figure out how to incorporate art, drama, movement, and props in the lesson. You could even use food or beverages to create a positive atmosphere for a special lesson. Same goes with music and lighting.

Wear a Costume

But, I also like to shake things up by wearing a costume that compliments my lesson. This year, I have gone into role as a scientist. I wore a lab coat and glasses, and spoke with an accent. I even gave this character a name and back story. It was great!

There are all sort of ways you can use costumes in the class. I regularly have myself play the role of a guest speaker. I have been a construction worker, a football player, and of course, a pirate.

Involve the Audience

You need to ask yourself questions when designing your lesson. These questions will help you make your presentation more interactive and meaningful.

– How can I consistently keep the audience feeling involved?
– Can I cue them to make certain motions or sounds at key points?
– Can I incorporate call and response in this lesson?
– Can I bring students to the front of the room as volunteers?

Here is an idea that politicians or celebrities use during press conferences. Why not bring it into the classroom too?

– Have a student play a pre-arranged role and interact with them throughout the lesson. They key here is to keep this a secret so only you and that one particular student know what is going to happen.

Try Something New and Exciting in the Classroom

I hope my Teaching Tip Tuesday Series helps to inspire you and have you try something new and creative in your classroom!

This series normally runs every week during the school year. This year, it will be sporadic. I am not teaching right now, but still have some ideas I can share with all of you. Stay tuned to the blog for more!

What I’m Thankful For

I always take a moment every Thanksgiving to reflect on all of the things that I am blessed to have in my life.

It so easy to get caught up in the daily grind and hustle and lose focus of what is really important.

I am in the midst of a huge transition this year. You might have noticed the new blog header and page. I am branching out into the DJ business. I will allow me to play music more than just on the radio. It’s still a hobby at this point, but it is something I want to take further.

I have some things happening in my personal life too that might include a career change after this school year.

So without further ado, here is my annual Thanksgiving list of blessings . . .

Hosting a Weekly Hip-Hop Radio Show

CHRW Soundboard

I love doing The Word is Bond Rap Radio program each and every week on 94.9 CHRW. I have been able to interview some amazingly talent musicians and share my favourite jams from artists I respect and love.

I hope you have been listening live or checking the podcast.

Being a DJ

The View from My Decks

This year, I took steps to branch out from the radio show and start deejaying live events. It has been a lot of fun. If you live in the Southern, Ontario Canada area or would like to have me travel to your event, please visit my DJ Services page for information on my rates and how to book me.

Trail Running

Thankful for nature trails

It doesn’t get much better than running along a trail and having the sounds of the city fade away. I love getting the exercise, maintaining a good pace, competing with myself for a great time, and just enjoying the whole process.

My Radio and DJ Colleagues

Three DJs

There is a brotherhood here that is hard to explain. I appreciate my fellow radio hosts on CHRW and CFMU and all of the DJs that I have had the chance to work with, or alongside, this year.

Family and Friends

I have managed to stay friends with an ex-girlfriend. That has never happened to me before. I value the friendship and wish her nothing but the best, always.

My family isn’t the same without my dad. I miss him every day. But they are always there for me and I appreciate it more than I can say.

My Amazing Girlfriend

Di and I

She is kind and supportive. We always have fun together, and my life has been enriched so much by having her in it.

Not too bad a list, eh?

However you are celebrating (or not) . . . 

I hope you can take a moment to reflect on your blessings and the great things in your life. We all have something to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!