My List of 2015 Reads

2015 ReadsI keep a detailed reading log of every single title I read over the course of a year. This is where I do it.

After I read a book, I blog about it and then add a link to that post here. As such, this page becomes a table of contents for all of the books I will read this year.

When I started this tradition in 2012, I read 65 books. The next year was pretty close to that number as well. In 2013, I read 61 books. Last year, I totally smashed my record. In 2014, I read 78 books.

This year, I am also trying a 50 Book Reading Challenge. I won’t let it restrict me from what I want to read. but I’ll will be checking off items from this list as I go along as well.

Let’s so how well I do this year on both challenges.


The Graveyard Book
Juliet Naked
Little Brother
The Lucky One
We Are Called to Rise
Why We Broke Up
Wit’s End


All New Captain America – 1 title (Hydra Ascendant)
Animal Man – 3 titles (Rotworld: The Red Kingdom, Splinter Species, Evolve or Die!)
Avengers – 1 title (Mythos)
Batman / Superman – 1 title (Cross World)
Ender’s Game – 1 title (War of Gifts)
Ex Machina – 5 titles (Power Down, Ex Cathedra, Dirty Tricks, Ring Out the Old, Term Limits)
Federal Bureau of Physics – 1 title (Volume 1)
Kill Shakespeare – 1 title (Vol. 3)
Ocean / Orbiter – 1 title (The Deluxe Edition)
Peaceful Warrior – 1 title (Peaceful Warrior)
Secret Origins – 1 title (The New 52: Volume 1)
Smallville – 1 title (Season 11: Chaos)
Spider-Man – 1 title (Matters of Life and Death)
Star Trek – 1 title (The New Adventures: Vol 1)
Star Wars – 1 title (In The Shadow of Yavin)
The Flash – 3 titles (Flashpoint, Flaspoint: Superman, Flashpoint: The World of Flash)
The Walking Dead – 2 titles (A New Beginning, Whispers into Screams)
Transformers – 5 titles (Robots in Disguise Vol 1-5)


Kids are Worth It
Teach Like a Pirate


The Fiction Writer’s Guide to Dialogue
Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors, & Literary Agents
Wild Women, Wild Voices


In Search Of . . . Divine Styler
On the Record: The Scratch DJ Academy Guide
Rap Music and Street Consciousness


A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life
Got Social Mediology
Life is Great . . . Even When it Sucks
Record Collecting for Girls
Rich Dad, Poor Dad
The More You Do, The Better You Feel
Steal Like an Artist

Total Books Read in 2015: 60

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