My Goals for 2015

2015 GoalsI don’t like New Year’s Resolutions. Never have. If there is something I want to change about myself, I do it, I don’t need to wait till the start of the year to declare a resolution.

That is why for the past few years I have get some personal goals for myself. The only problem is that I have left those goals on a blog post and not reflected on them over the course of the year.

This year is going to be different. I’ve been thinking about how detailed I do my planning for the school year and how that could be applied to my personal life as well.

So, I am going to set some goals today. I will figure out specific months to work on each one, and I will revise and update the goal list throughout the year. I will do that on a calendar in my house and will blog about my progress to.

There are things that I have been saying I would do for years now and that simply keep falling by the wayside. Maybe it has been fear that has held me back. Either way, I am going to do them this year.

1. Revise, Polish, and Actively Seek Ways to Get My Novels Published

I started this blog with the goal of being a published author within five years. However, I started working on radio and haven’t followed through with what needs to be done after writing has been completed. This year, that will change.

2. Write Something New

I want to write a new work of either fiction or non-fiction this year. Not sure what the new project will be, but I hope to get back to writing this year.

3. Continue Producing Quality Radio

I love what I have been doing on radio. It’s where I feel most like where I am supposed to be. I am going to seek out new areas to expand in this area and possibly even find a paying job in the field.

4. Stay Fit 

Despite a major wipe-out on my skateboard this Christmas break, I don’t plan on giving up the sport. I will also continue to trail run during the spring, summer, and fall season.

5. Read a Lot

I love reading and will continue to blog about every single title I read.

6. Revise and Track My Goals

I will revise my goals, track them on a calendar, and blog about them to make sure I can better myself throughout 2015.

Do you have any resolutions or goals? 

Please share them below!

All the Best in 2015!

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