2015 Reads

Flashpoint – One Moment Changes Everything

December 8, 2015

Flashpoint One day, Barry Allen is completely surprised to see that his mother is still alive. Everything in his universe has changed. No one has ever heard of The Flash. There is a huge war threatening the whole planet. And worse still, Allen [Keep Reading]

Record Collecting for EVERYONE!

November 25, 2015

Record Collecting for Girls by Courtney E. Smith Why would I read a book entitled, Record Collecting for Girls? Because Record Collecting is for Everybody! Just like feminism. Both of these are great books and while the former isn’t [Keep Reading]

Divine Styler – The Story of a Hip Hop Zine

November 19, 2015

In Search Of . . . Divine Styler by Ryan Somers aka Fritz the Cat Before the Internet made it possible to easily publish and distribute content, and before the popularity of blogs and social media, there were independent, do-it-yourself [Keep Reading]

Hawkeye – An Avenger or a Weapon

November 13, 2015

Hawkeye: Volume 1 – My Life as a Weapon When I first heard of this title, I really had no interest in reading it. After all, he is probably the least exciting member of The Avengers. But the praise for the book has been strong, so when I saw [Keep Reading]

The Walking Dead – Finally Home?

November 9, 2015

I just finished watching Season 5 of The Walking Dead and saw these graphic novels in the public library. Pretty soon, the television series will be completely caught up with the books. I wonder what will happen then? I try to write my reviews [Keep Reading]

Rich Writer, Poor Writer

October 26, 2015

I am illiterate. I have two university degrees, am an avid reader, have been writing fiction, novels, and blog posts for years, but when it comes to money . . . I am financially illiterate. Other writers probably feel the same way. We focus on our [Keep Reading]

This Box Shows Why We Broke Up

October 7, 2015

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler and Maira Kalman Objects can hold so much power. Something as simple as a ticket stub, a folded piece of paper, and even a sugar shaker can help call up memories of long ago. This novel centres around a box of [Keep Reading]

The Great Machine Rules the City

September 28, 2015

Ex Machina: Volume 7 – Ex Cathedra The mayor of New York is an ex-superhero. He fights the good fight in politics now instead of being a vigilante. He still has his powers though and is able to communicate with machines. Unfortunately for him, [Keep Reading]
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