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Walkie-Talkies to Cell Phones

True Rescue Story from WWIIA small plan crashed in a very remote valley during World War II. The terrain made it very difficult to amass a rescue. In the meantime, an air drop was arranged to give the men and women much needed supplies to help them survive.

One of the most precious items in the cargo was “a portable FM radio that could be used to transmit and receive messages. It was almost certainly a rugged waterproof thirty-five pound two-way radio the size of a small suitcase.

Developed by Motorola for the Army Signal Corps, the device could be carried on a soldier’s back, hence its immortal nickname, the ‘walkie-talkie.’

Its design was a milestone that contributed to a revolution in portal wireless communication.”

Original Walkie Talkie

Imagine if technology hadn’t advanced in the past 50 years. These wireless communication devices have become incredibly compact since their development for the armed forces. Would people be walking around with cumbersome backpacks right now to stay connected.

Would the benefits of being connected outweigh the hassle of lugging around the cumbersome, original walkie-talkie?


I bet most people don’t realize that the cell phone in their pocket comes courtesy of the armed services. Without the army, we wouldn’t have had two-way wireless communication.

That’s something to think about.

WIHH4: Shay D of Lyrically Challenged

Shay DWe are celebrating International Women’s Day with our 4th Annual Women in Hip-Hop Spectacular.

In this chapter of the show, I interview Shay D about her work with the Lyrically Challenged Collective, her solo work, her involvement in the hip-hop community, must-have rap records, and the issues involving women in hip-hop culture.

I also spin some of her great music, including . . .

Reverie and LC Collective – Calm Before the Storm
Lyrically Challenged – I Do It For Hip-Hop
Lyrically Challenged – Struggles
Shay D – A Year in My Thoughts

#WIHH4 coverage continues all week long right here. Come back tomorrow for Part 5.

You can download this show for free or stream it with the player below.

WIHH4: Old School Hip-Hop Mix by Miss DJ

Miss DJMiss DJ is part of an all-female DJ crew based out of Sweden.

She is our special guest deejay for our 4th Annual Women in Hip-Hop Spectacular.

I interview her and then she gets on the wheels of steel to drop an amazing mixset of old school and golden-era classics.

NWA – Express Yourself
KRS-One – Step into a World
Onyx – Slam Harder
Beatnuts – Off the Books
A Tribe Called Quest – Check the Rhime
Common – Inspiration
Pete Rock and CL Smooth – T.R.O.Y.
Mos Def – Ms Fat Booty
Little Brother – Speed
Jeru the Damaja – 99.9 Par Cent
J Dilla / Common – So Far to Go
O.C. – The Chosen One
L’il Kim – Crush on You
Gangstarr – Full Clip
Naughty by Nature – Feel Me Flow
Black Moon – I Gotcha Open
Method Man – Break Ups to Make Ups
AZ – Sugarhill
Ice Cube – Steady Mobbin’
Notorious B.I.G. – One More Chance

This is part of  #WIHH4 as we celebrate International Women’s Day by focusing on Hip-Hop’s Better Half.

You can download this show for free or stream it with the player below.

WIHH4: Women in Hip-Hop Roundtable Discussion

WIHH RoundtableWelcome back to the 4th Annual Women in Hip-Hop Radio Spectacular.

Make sure you tune in to Silent Cacophony every day this week to catch all of the different segments from #WIHH4. Right now, we have an incredible discussion with a panel of hip-hop experts.

Our Panel Today

E-Turn is an emcee from Orlando, Florida.

Dessa is a emcee / singer / producer from Minneapolis and is part of Doomtree.

Reverie is an emcee from Los Angeles, California.

Lo-Do is a hip-hop journalist, CEO of Ashy to Jazzy Productions, and a drummer.

Highlights of our discussion

Here are some of the highlights of our discussion

00:00 – Introductions

02:30 – Do you identify yourself as a feminist?

05:30 – Roadblocks of being a female in a male-dominated art-form

11:00 – Gender roles in society

13:55 – Systematic degradation

16:50 – “Hip-Hop is not a positive environment for a young woman”

18:50 – Songwriting

20:00 – The term “Femcee”

30:00 – Music from E-turn “Come Close”

35:00 – Images of women

42:00 – How we got into hip-hop

49:10 – Paying dues

54:42 – Counting Bars

60:00 – Music from Reverie “Locks Without Keys”

63:00 – Top 20 Rappers (Lists are often devoid of female artists)

72:00 – Homophobic lyrics

74:38 – Lyrically Challenged Collective

77:25 – Women in other elements of hip-hop

80:00 – Final thoughts from the panelists

86:26 – Music from Dessa “Fighting Fish”

Download WIHH4 Roundtable Discussion or stream it with the player below.


Thanks for tuning in!

See you tomorrow for another installment on #WIHH4

WIHH4: Celebrating International Women’s Day – Hip-Hop Style

WIHH4 podcastWelcome to a very special edition of DOPEfm. For our seven hours of programming tonight we are shining a spotlight on the Women in Hip-Hop.

We are celebrating International Women’s Day like we do every single year. This is our 4th annual show and we have a lot of great content coming your way.

We have a roundtable discussion with Reverie, LoDo, E-Turn, and Dessa. It was an incredible discussion. You won’t want to miss it.

We have a spotlight with Rapsody. We talk to her and play some of her amazing music. We are going to have Dessa back on the program a little but later to do a spotlight on her as well.

We sit down with Shay D, all the way from the UK, for an in-depth interview. We play her music and talk about her work with Lyrically Challenged.

We have a guest DJ who will be dropping some old school classic hip-hop. It’s absolutely incredible what she does on the wheels of steel. Her name is Miss DJ and she is all the way from Sweden.

We have a Know Your History episode focusing on motherhood in hip-hop. We talk to some mothers who are also emcees about how they balance a rap career and a family. We will discuss some of the issues around touring and how difficult that can be when you have a family. It’s a thought-provoking hour of radio, that’s for sure.

I drop an hour-long mix of female-only hip-hop as well.

This is our 4th Annual Women in Hip-Hop Spectacular. It grew out of a little seed of an idea about five years ago when I talked to Shad. I talked to him a few months back and this is what went down on that interview.

Chase: “You inspired me in a way that you probably wouldn’t even believe. Your track ‘Keep Shining’ and then talking to Eternia. Those two things gelled in my mind and set me on the path to feminism, believe it or not. That’s how our International Women’s Day show started and it’s become a yearly tradition now.”

Shad: “That’s awesome!”

Chase: “Keep Shining is an amazing track because quite often in rap we don’t see or hear women portrayed in such a positive light. It really is a shame too. We have some great talent and we have some great female talent. And sometimes that doesn’t get heard.”

That’s what this show is all about – exposing the talent in hip-hop’s better half.

Press play or Download WIHH 4 – Part A

This is the first of 8 parts. Remember to come back tomorrow to get the next installment of this groundbreaking radio program.

Thanks for listening!

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Lip Sync Battle

Radio DJ, Mastermind, shared this on Twitter the other day.


I clicked through because it seemed like such an interesting concept. A Lip Sync Battle? I’ve heard of dance battles, beatbox battles, and freestyle rap battles. But a lip sync battle, really?

As I watched the video, the teacher in me immediately saw the educational benefits of trying this in the classroom.

1) It would be a lot of fun.

2) It works on the performance aspect of singing without needing the chops to pull it off.

3) The competitive part will have the audience invested.

4) We could use this as a reward / fun day to entice the students to do their classwork.

I think I am going to try this out. I’ll let you know how it goes in an upcoming Teaching Tip Tuesday post.

Teaching Tip Tuesday – great tips, tricks, lessons, resources, and inspiration every week!

DJing Is Child’s Play

Who says that it doesn’t take talent and effort to be a hip-hop DJ?

DJ Nu-mark makes it all look like child’s play in this clip (and I’m not just saying that because he is using preschool toys to create this incredible turntablist routine)

He makes is look easy, but it really isn’t.

This is talent, skill, practice, and hard work paying off.

I love this routine!

Access: 88 HIPHOP

88 HIPHOP was definitely ahead of its time. It was one of the first Internet hip-hop shows.

When it started, I wasn’t even online at the time. It began as a radio show that was available through the phone lines only. It quickly moved to video and had some very historic broadcasts since its 1996 debut.

Today, we talk to the founder of the hip-hop media conglomerate. Without further ado, here is our interview with Randy of 88 HIPHOP.

Journey to Rainbow Island – Book Giveaway


Journey to Rainbow Island by Christie Hsiao

I was approached by the publisher of this book to do a review of the novel and a giveaway on my blog. The press release sounded interesting, so I agreed. Unfortunately, the novel didn’t live up to that potential.

The story revolves around an eleven year old girl. She lives on Rainbow island, a magical place where there seems to be an abundance of love and where people are able to talk to animals. Despite this, she is skilled with a bow and arrow.

Meanwhile, an evil wizard has conjured up a dragon-like creature and is slowly turning the world into a dark and miserable place. It turns out that the young girl is, in fact, a Darq Render, and the only person capable of defeating the dragon and foiling the evil wizard’s plan.

I had a really hard time getting through the entire book. The characters seemed quite flat. The hero was impossibly sweet and innocent, and the story was way too preachy. It never really captured my interest or attention.

While this book is a fantasy, it really seemed to be a veiled advertisement for Christian living. It almost hits you over the head with the tenants of faith, belief, and love for thy neighbour. It never really comes out and says these things, which almost makes it worse.

There was one scene in the first third of the book that I was able to get into, but it seemed to be a stand-alone story. That happened three times within this novel too. Things just didn’t connect the way they should have.

I struggled to get through the entire book. I wanted to put it down several times. But since I was expected to blog about it and offer this giveaway, I stuck with it hoping it would get better. It didn’t.

I realize that I am probably not selling you on this book. That being said, a young Christian girl might be able to get into the story and enjoy it. I can’t see it appealing to anyone else, however.

If I haven’t scared you away, you can enter for your chance to win a copy of this hardcover.

Enter the Book Giveaway Contest

1) Twitter – tweet this message

I just entered for a chance to win a copy of the book “Journey to Rainbow Island” from @chasemarch on

2) Facebook  – post a similar message to the one above. Make sure you tag me in the message.

3) Leave a Comment below 

I have two copies of the book to giveaway and will randomly pick two winners from everyone who shares this post on Twitter or Facebook. This contest is open to Canada / USA residents only.

Good luck!

My List of 2014 Reads – with links to every title I read this year.


GPS – The Road to Musical Success

Grade Performance StepsWhen I started teaching music, I was really disappointed with the method book. It didn’t seem like my students were learning much as we worked through the various lines of music.

I searched for an alternative and found the excellent Band Fundamentals in Easy Steps. It was everything I was looking for in a method book and I was really excited to start out this school year using it.

I was really surprised to find out that my students didn’t like this book though. I wanted to find something that they would buy into. Music that they would be excited to play and learn.

That’s when I discovered GPS – Grade Performance Steps.

It’s a resource developed by OMEA (Onatrio Music Educator’s Association) and it is designed around twenty tasks. As the students work through the tasks, the collect certificates and track their progress.

I connected with a fellow music teacher in my area and he hasn’t used a method book in years. He uses the GPS program and supplements it with band pieces.

Since, we are just starting out Term 2, it seemed like a good time to switch gears and adopt his approach.

I decided to split up the percussion book. The original file had percussionists moving between the snare drum, the full kit, and the xylophone. I have a few students who only play xylophone so I created a Bells book just for them. I also made a book just for drums.

The great thing about this program is that every student gets his or her own book. They can mark it up however they see fit. They can keep track of their progress and move at their own pace. I will write more about that in a future edition of Teaching Tip Tuesday. 

Download the PDF books for each instrument below.

GPS Year One: 0 – Conductor
GPS Year One: 1 – Flute
GPS Year One: 2 – Clarinet
GPS Year One: 3 – Alto Sax
GPS Year One: 4 – Tenor Sax
GPS Year One: 5 – Trumpet
GPS Year One: 6 – French Horn
GPS Year One: 7 – Trombone
GPS Year One: 7 – Baritone / Euphonium
GPS Year One: 8 – Tuba
GPS Year One: 9 – Percussion
GPS Year One: 9 – Drum Kit / Snare
GPS Year One: 9 – Bells / Xylophone

Teaching Tip Tuesday – great resources to help you in the classroom every week!

Legoland Racers

I took my niece to Legoland Toronto this week.

Lego Racers

This is one of the coolest features of the Indoor Attraction.

Open Bin

There are a bunch of open bins, where you can build your own race car.

Lego Chase Car

I designed a three-wheeled super-car. I loved that they had orange Lego pieces. I don’t have any orange pieces at home. It’s my favourite colour.

I also loved the over-sized wheels. Once again, I have nothing like this in my personal collection of Lego.

Starting Block

Then you get to race your creation against other builders. I love that there is a controlled starting block.

Racing Panel

When you press the start button, the display counts down and then drops the starting block so every car starts rolling down the track at the same speed.

Launch Track

There’s also a really cool launch ramp.

I wish that we could have kept our cars at the end. I also would have loved to have bought some of those over-sized wheels or even some hinge pieces. I don’t know why those pieces are readily available without having to buy an entire kit first.

Legoland is geared towards children under 10 years-old. You need to pre-order your tickets online to ensure that you can get in. There are two rides, and a 4D cinema, a girl-centred area with karaoke, a large model of the city of Toronto, and indoor climbers.

We spent five hours there and did every single activity. Overall, we had a great day.!

The Unethical Bank

I was really surprised to read about the history of banks. I’d always felt like something was terribly wrong with how they operated, but I never really looked into it until I read this book.

Neurotic Money

Neurotic Money: The World of Debt and How It Has Hijacked Your Brain by Joe Ornato

“After a while, the goldsmith built a good reputation for keeping people’s gold safe but realized that only a few of his clients would actually come and demand to take out their gold at any one time. Rather than lugging around several hundred ounces of gold in their pockets, the goldsmith offered his customers slips of paper indicating the value of the gold they had stored in his vault. Customers, knowing that they could retrieve their gold at anytime, would make up IOU slips and trade them with each other . . . the IOUs became just as valuable as the gold.”

Until I read this quote,

“It should be noted that the lending out of gold that did not belong to them was not ethical or even legal, but the human trait of greed superseded honesty and integrity!”

I knew that banks were unethical in their operating practices, but I really had no idea how deeply that went.

“IOUs were guaranteed by gold reserves held by the goldsmith. . . the goldsmith based his system of redemption on statistical evidence and chance. The goldsmith’s success depended on the principle that not everyone needed their money at the same time, so he would lend out more IOUs than he had gold on deposit.”

Banks lend out money that they don’t even have?

“the paper money they were given by their bank was based on gold that potentially didn’t exist.”

So paper money grew out of the success early goldsmiths had with IOU slips. Interesting!

“Now dollars were ‘legal tender,’ which meant that one dollar was worth another dollar because the government says so! Declaration-based money, or fiat money, was created.”

I had no idea how money was pretty much created from nothing based on the process of lending and borrowing.

“The most common fractional reserve ratio that the banks used was 10%, so for every $10 a bank had in deposits, they could lend out $9, 90% in credit.”

What? They only need to keep a dollar in the bank for every ten?

But if you dig deeper, the numbers get even more absurd and unbelievable.

For example. if you “deposit $10,000 – they can lend out $9,000. You take that $9,000 and buy something and the vendor deposits it at another bank so it can now lend out $8,100 in credit. The cycle continues. In this case, we have created $27,100 in new money from the initial $10,000 deposit, yet the amount of real money in the system was really only $10,000! As long as the 10% reserve was accounted for, our banks could lend 90% of the deposit to another, even if the original deposit came from money borrowed. Essentially, one’s debt becomes another’s deposit!”

I wish I could do that with my money. Tripling it with pretty much no effort. That’s ridiculous!

I guess I always knew that the money the banks had in their vaults was really our, the public’s money, but I had no idea that a vast majority of this money didn’t even really exist.

“most of the money that banks account for as an asset, was at one time or another borrowed from somewhere else.”

Understanding how money works is the first step in getting a better control over our personal finances. Joe Ornato has advice on how to do just that in this book. I am going to follow some of that advice. Hopefully, one day, I will be in a more comfortable position financially.

My List of 2014 Reads – with links to every title I read this year

How to Engage Students Who Only do the Bare Minimum to Get By

Reluctant studentsAcademic success depends on a variety of factors such as the quality of teachers, textbooks, the ability and effort of students etc. to name just a few. Students have to be smart and hard- working in order to achieve academic success.

But what would happen if middle school students are reluctant to study? Students who are not at all motivated to study just put the bare minimum effort to pass the examinations. Many such reluctant students are indifferent towards studies, they do not value hard work and academic success much.

The real essence of academic success should ideally be aimed at motivating the less-motivated and unmotivated students, instilling in them a desire to learn and achieve in academics.

A few strategies can be followed to increase the motivation-level of students who are unmindful of studies. Some of them are the following:-


Students should work according to their capabilities. Most of the schools reward only the top scorers and those who are average and below average are not recognized much by the teachers in schools. The efforts of the high performers are noticed and appreciated, but those students who cannot figure in the top list most often go unnoticed. With this kind of a practice a gulf gets formed between the high-performers and the low-performers. This should be avoided if academic success is to be achieved. The moderate learners and poor learners should get timely incentives which would boost their confidence in themselves and it would ensure a better academic scene later.

2.School Policies

Sometimes school policies work against the favor of students. It should not be the case in the academia. Every student has a different level of IQ and the policies of education should be regularly reframed to fit in all students comfortably well within the framework. Policies should be student-friendly, not hostile to students. The education policies should make the learning process easy for students and they should boost the academic progress as well.

3. Peer Pressure Should be Avoided

Peer pressure is a major criterion which influences the learning process of school students. Peer pressure is healthy if it is minimal and if it does not harm the sensitive feelings of students. It will create a competitive spirit in students and they would strive to achieve more in academics given the right kind of boost from their fellow students. The pressure should not exceed a limit and prove damaging to the intellectual development of school students.

Some teachers tend to give additional work to the average or poor performers and thereby make them overburdened. This practice would affect those marginal students badly and there would be a rift between the effort and achievement. It is a detrimental practice which should not be entertained at all by any means. Instead, teachers should reward the poor performers and boost their motivation and make them study better.

Positive reinforcement enhances great learning, a slight incentive from the teachers would do wonders in students’ lives. Every student is a god-gifted child and teachers should respect their individual levels and methods of learning for a healthy academic atmosphere.

– guest post by Ebin Mathew

Reunited in Dream

Dads place

My dad  lived in a small one-bedroom place and he absolutely loved it.

It was a little bit difficult letting his place go, but I knew that the tree we planted on the property would serve as a great memorial for many years to come.

I really have no reason to go back to that place. It’s been sold and someone else now calls it home. But, for some reason, I had a dream last night that I went back there.

I was expecting to see the new residents but as I drove passed the place, I saw my dad sitting on the deck reading. That was where you would often find him if you dropped by. I was sure that I had just imagined it. But I as I pulled into the driveway, he put a bookmark in place and came over to greet me.

I gave him a great big hug, unsure of how this could be real. It felt real though.

“How can you be here?” I asked.

He didn’t answer, other than to say, “Want to play a game of Star Trek”

Star Trek Board Game

My dad was just about the only person I could play this game with. As my family members and friends aren’t Trekkies.

I’ve played it with non-Star-Trek-fanatics before but unless you know the Original Series well, some of the trivia questions are quite difficult.

The dream continued just as a normal visit to my dad’s would have. We talked, played some games, watched some TV, and grabbed something to eat.

It was a nice last day to spend with my dad.

When I woke up, I was sad that it was only a dream, but happy that I was still able to share a nice day with my father.

I love him and miss him terribly. Tomorrow, would have been his 66th birthday.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Rest in Peace!

Women in Hip-Hop 4 Radio Special

Today is International Women’s Day!

Women in Hip-Hop 4

Help us celebrate by joining us on the radio.

We have over 7 hours of excellent programming for you starting at 12:00 midnight. And all of it, is dedicated to the Women in Hip-Hop.

This is our 4th annual show celebrating International Women’s Day and we have a lot of great female talent that we will be featuring, including . . .

Amy Kickz, Dessa, Dynasty, Eternia, E-turn, EVG Rebel, Intelligenz, Invincible, Kadyelle, Lady ASG, LoDo, Madd Mary, Miss DJ, Miss.She.Ill, Money Stax, Muma Doesa, Nilla, PG and Talent Major, Paulette and Tanya Winley, Purly Wyte, Rah Digga, Rapsody, Reverie, Shay D, Sonyae, Tre-L, and Vicious Cycle

Here is the line-up for tonight’s show . . .

1) Celebrating International Women’s Day – Hip-Hop Style
2) Roundtable Discussion (with Dessa, E-Turn, Lodo, and Reverie)
3) Miss DJ (interview and guest mix-set)
4) Shay D (in-depth interview)
5) Mixset (Chase March spins female-fronted hip-hop tunes)
6) Dessa (a spotlight with music and talk)
7) Know Your History Special (an exploration of motherhood in hip-hop)
8) Rapsody (a spotlight with music and talk)

Tune in live starting at 12:00 midnight on 93.3 CFMU on your radio dial if you live in the Hamilton, Ontario, Canada area. If not, don’t fret, you can stream the show live from the CFMU website. 

You can also tune is in on your phone via AudioNow. Simply dial 1-716-274-2507 (Niagara Falls / New York) and you will hear us live. You can also hear past shows with this number.

I hope you will join us to celebrate International Women’s Day on the radio with over seven hours of great hop-hop music and talk!

I will be live in the studio and would love to hear from you. Give us a call from midnight to 2:00 a.m. at (905) 528-9888.

Latest Graphic Novel Reads

Star Wars Blood Ties

Star Wars: Blood Ties – Jango and Boba Fett

Boba Fett was the bounty hunter in Return of the Jedi that stole every scene he was in. He was such a cool looking character. Since the first trilogy was released all those years ago, we have found out a lot about his back story.

We found out that of all the cloned soldiers, he was the only one allowed to grow up to have a “normal” childhood. I’m not sure how normal it is to be raised by a father who is genetically the same. A father who trains him to be a soldier because that is all he knows.

This story has a sentimental air to it and really humanizes the characters. It was a good read.

Superman Beyond

Superman Beyond – Man of Tomorrow

Most of Superman’s family and friends have passed away, but he carries on because he’s Superman – because he has to.

Lex Luthor is still trying to defeat him, even in death and it looks like he might finally get the last word. There is a special appearance of Batman Beyond and even the original Batman himself. And as dark as this story is, there is some hope at the end.

Vol 1. You're Among Friends

Revival: Volume 1 – You’re Among Friends

The premise of this book is really interesting. One day, in rural Wisconsin, 65 people who had passed away come back to life. Some of them go right back to their old lives like nothing had happened. Others have a hard time adjusting. Is something sinister going on or is this simply a miracle?

Those questions don’t really get answered in the first volume of this series. There are some horrific scenes in here too. I wanted to like this book more than I did. It is a great idea and could have been a better story, in my humble opinion.

My List of 2014 Reads – with links to each title I’ve read this year.

Novel in an Hour

Stone Fox novelI went to a workshop last week and we did an activity called “Novel in an Hour”

The class was divided into small groups and each group was given a chapter or two of a novel. We weren’t told the title or what the story was about. We were just given a photocopy of our portion of the text and that was all. We were then sent off on our own to read the selection and figure out a way to present it to the whole group.

At first, I wasn’t impressed with this activity. Being an avid reader, only reading one-tenth of a text seemed like cheating to me.

My group started collecting visual representations of the characters that we could share on the Smartboard. My idea was to write an epic poem of our two chapters and everyone agreed. So while they compiled images, I started writing.

“Every night before bed
some people read,
Willie’s grandfather played harmonica instead.

They always had a grand old time,
but last night went to bed by nine.

Willie thought it was strange
but didn’t panic until the next day.
In his bed, his grandfather did stay.

The Doc told him nothing was wrong,
he’d just resigned himself
to stop playing his song.
He’d given up on life
and no one knew why.

It turns out, they were completely broke
but Willy was no ordinary bloke.
Even though, he was only ten,
he stepped up and ran the farm

But to alleviate harm,
Willy and grandfather developed a code.
They could talk without words
and words always linger.

Willy remembered all he’d ever been taught
and he brought in the potato harvest
with just him and his dog.

He even sold them and thought they were now set.
But it turned out,
there’d be more to get
grandpa back to his old self yet.”

Some of the teachers in this workshop knew the book and immediately recognized that it was Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner.

I didn’t know the book and was unfamiliar with the story, but I saw it develop in front of me as the other groups presented their chapters.

One group flipped the two-truths and a lie activity and told us two lies and a truth from their chapter. They had us vote by a show of fingers to which part of the chapter we thought was the truth – their first, second, or third statement.

Another group created a short puppet show to retell their portion of the story, and the remaining groups did a short dramatic presentation. 

I really like how this activity got everyone involved. I felt invested in the whole thing as well. I wanted to pay attention to each group to get the whole story.

While I feel like this is cheating a little bit, because we never did truly read the entire novel, the facilitators told us that they have done this activity before and a few students have then chosen to read the book to get all of the details.

This activity might be worth trying in the last week of school. Our students need to be able to work together in groups first and would need to be trained on how to do so. That was the main aim of this workshop I went to.  I’ll have to write more about that in an upcoming edition of Teaching Tip Tuesday.

There will be no tip next week. It’s March Break and I am sure we can all use the time off from teaching and planning. Enjoy your break!

Teaching Tip Tuesday Archive – close to 200 tips, tricks, lessons, and ideas to use in your classroom.

Chasing Content – The Best of March

It’s time to drop in!

on some great content in the monthly feature we call . . .

Chasing Content

It gives us a chance to look back at what was happening right here last year at this time.

You can read all of the posts from last March

or just these favs

Writing Rap Songs With Students 

This is a great unit you can use in your classroom to get students creating their own rap songs. I even made a few Smartboard files you can use.

Ice-T’s Rap School

I love this television show so much. I shared it with my students last year to kick off the unit on rap music.

Revert – Indoor Skatepark

I first discovered this place last year and I’ve been back several times. I love it. They followed my advice too and have a dedicated mini-ramp set up all the time. I love it!

Celebrating International Women’s Day – Hip-Hop Style

Last year’s show was phenomenal. I podcasted all of the episodes over at The Word is Bond but forgot to feature them here on Silent Cacophony. I’ll have to get on that. The 4th Annual Spectacular takes place Saturday March 8th. And it’s going to be HUGE!

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!

Access: Pharoahe Monch TODAY

Pharoahe Monche will be our special guest for this week’s live and interactive radio show.

This program is a partnership between Our ShowKevin Nottingham, The Word is Bond, DOPEfm, and Silent Cacophony.

Conshus runs the segment live on the radio in Florida on 91.5 WPRK and I join him via the magic of Google Hangouts. You can listen to the show online or watch the visual stream right here on this very page. We have a lot of fun tag-teaming these interviews for you.

One of the coolest things about how we run the program is the bonus content we deliver via the live video feed. When we play a song over the airwaves, we continue our discussion behind the scenes. And you are privy to it all. We basically hang-out and discuss hip-hop, artistry, song-writing, and anything else that comes up.

I hope to see you all there this weekend when Pharoahe Monch joins us.

We get started at 5:30 EST TODAY (Saturday March 1st)