Monthly Archives: June 2007

Guilty Pleasures

Much More Music ran a special called Top 50 Guilty Pleasures last week. It’s interesting to see the pop songs of the past that didn’t result in anything other than one hit wonders. It is almost like the music industry is meant to be disposable. It’s a shame.

The show was amazing because I don’t know of anyone that wouldn’t secretly love those songs. It’s hard to admit liking some of these bubble-gum-type-pop-songs but they are catchy. They were hits and they still work at weddings to get people up and dancing.

I recognized every song that they played and will admit that some of them are indeed a guilty pleasure of mine. Some of the songs I don’t care for at all. Some I won’t admit to liking but some I will stand up for and champion.

One artist on this list that I don’t need to feel guilty liking is Tiffany. I absolutely love her. She faded away after two albums but I don’t think that people even remember that she had more than one hit. “I think we’re alone now” is the one everyone remembers and it placed 45 on their list. It is timeless and I still enjoy it. But she was a big star in the late 80s. She’s put out a few more really good albums, most notably her 2000 effort The Color of Silence. Look her up if you enjoyed her back in the day. You might be surprised that she still has it.

My First Novel – Done?

Well I just finished it. My very first novel. It’s called 4 Wheels and a Piece of Maple. It is about an Aboriginal boy from a small and isolated First Nations Reserve who gets exposed to skateboarding culture and it not only changes his life, but the lives of many other people in his community.

It feels weird to be finished because the story could go on. It feels like it should go on. The characters seem real to me and deserve to have a future. I don’t know if I can just stop the story although I told the story I wanted to and I think it turned out great.

I know that I am not done with the novel completely. But now that I am done with the first draft of this project, I can go back and edit and revise some older ones. My verse novel and my screenplay have been waiting for me to do just that.

I’m going to have to think of what my next project will be. As of right now I have no ideas, which is also a strange feeling because I knew what my screenplay would be about. I had planned that one in my head for years before starting. And near the end of that first draft, I knew what my verse novel was going to be about. Now, I have no idea what I am going to write next, which I guess is a good thing since I need to do a rewrite and revision of those two older projects.

I think it is important to distance yourself from a project before doing the rewrite and revision. I should be able to read those two projects with a fresh eye now. After I write a new project I will go back to this novel. And who knows, since it seems like the story could continue, maybe a sequel is in the realm of possibilities.