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Definition of Cool

Cool is a very versatile word. We all know that the word has a lot more uses that those just relating to temperature. Here is a detailed definition that I got from Bartleby;

Inflected forms: cool·er, cool·est1. Neither warm nor very cold; moderately cold: fresh, cool water; a cool autumn evening. 2. Giving or suggesting relief from heat: a cool breeze; a cool blouse. 3. Marked by calm self-control: a cool negotiator. 4. Marked by indifference, disdain, or dislike; unfriendly or unresponsive: a cool greeting; was cool to the idea of higher taxes. 5. Of, relating to, or characteristic of colors, such as blue and green, that produce the impression of coolness. 6. Slang a. Excellent; first-rate: has a cool sports car; had a cool time at the party. b. Acceptable; satisfactory: It’s cool if you don’t want to talk about it. 7. Slang Entire; full: worth a cool million.

Informal In a casual manner; nonchalantly: play it cool.

Inflected forms: cooled, cool·ing, cools

1. To make less warm. 2. To make less ardent, intense, or zealous: problems that soon cooled my enthusiasm for the project. 3. Physics To reduce the molecular or kinetic energy of (an object).

1. To become less warm: took a dip to cool off. 2. To become calmer: needed time for tempers to cool.

1. A cool place, part, or time: the cool of early morning. 2. The state or quality of being cool. 3. Composure; poise: “Our release marked a victory. The nation had kept its cool” (Moorhead Kennedy).

cool it Slang 1. To calm down; relax. 2. To stop doing something. cool (one’s) heels Informal To wait or be kept waiting.

Middle English cole, from Old English c l.

cool ish —ADJECTIVEcool ly —ADVERBcool ness —NOUN

cool, composed, collected, unruffled, nonchalant, imperturbable, detached These adjectives indicate absence of excitement or discomposure in a person, especially in times of stress. Cool usually implies merely a high degree of self-control, but it may also indicate aloofness: “Keep strong, if possible. In any case, keep cool. Have unlimited patience” (B.H. Liddell Hart). “An honest hater is often a better fellow than a cool friend” (John Stuart Blackie). Composed implies serenity arising from self-discipline: The dancer was composed as she prepared for her recital. Collected suggests self-possession: The witness remained collected throughout the questioning. Unruffled emphasizes calm despite circumstances that might elicit agitation: “with contented mind and unruffled spirit” (Anthony Trollope). Nonchalant describes a casual manner that may suggest, sometimes misleadingly, a lack of interest or concern: He reacted to the news in a nonchalant manner. Imperturbable stresses unshakable calmness usually considered as an inherent trait: “A man … /Cool, and quite English, imperturbable” (Byron). Detached implies aloofness resulting either from lack of active concern or from resistance to emotional involvement: He sat through the service with a detached air.

The usage of cool as a general positive epithet or interjection has been part and parcel of English slang since World War II, and has even been borrowed into other languages, such as French and German. Originally this sense is a development from a Black English usage meaning “excellent, superlative,” first recorded in written English in the early 1930s. Jazz musicians who used the term are responsible for its popularization during the 1940s. As a slang word expressing generally positive sentiment, it has stayed current (and cool) far longer than most such words. One of the main characteristics of slang is the continual renewal of its vocabulary and storehouse of expressions: in order for slang to stay slangy, it has to have a feeling of novelty. Slang expressions meaning the same thing as cool, like bully, capital, hot, groovy, hep, crazy, nervous, far-out, rad, and tubular have for the most part not had the staying power or continued universal appeal of cool. In general there is no intrinsic reason why one word stays alive and others get consigned to the scrapheap of linguistic history; slang terms are like fashion designs, constantly changing and never “in” for long. The jury is still out on how long newer expressions of approval such as def and phat will survive.

As we can see, the staying power of “cool” in our everyday language has been absolutely phenomenal. I don’t think it is slang anymore. Everyone seems to use this word and it seems to be understood by everyone.

Last Hold Out

Sometimes I think I am the only person left in the world who doesn’t have a cell phone. I had one for a short period of a time a few years ago. I found that I didn’t need one. I have an answering machine at home. Nothing is so important that I need to be interrupted wherever I am by a call. I also don’t need the extra expense. So I don’t have a cell phone and I don’t really want one either.

So today I was asked a couple of times about my phone numbers. I had to fill out forms for different things and I would get asked, “Is this your only number?” Yes, it is. I only have one number. No, I don’t have a cell phone.

I don’t have anything against cell phones. I know that they are convenient and there have been times when I wished I’d had one. But I could always find a payphone nearby so it was never a problem.

I went to use a payphone today. I put in my quarter and dialed the number. The computerized phone operator said, “Credit 25 cents. Insert 25 cents.”

I thought, “What?” I put in 25 cents. So I hung up and tried it again. The message was the same. I then looked closely at the phone. It was a Bell Canada phone and written there on the plate was that a local call had been raised to 50 cents.

50 cents!

I couldn’t believe it. How can the price of a call double? It has been 25 cents for my whole life. During my grandparents time it was only 10 cents. If they were going to raise the price I could understand raising it by a dime to 35 cents. That would make sense.

Who is going to use pay phones now? This is ridiculous!

I carry one of those prepaid long distance cards from Presidents Choice. They have a toll free number to call and then you dial in your user number and you can call anywhere in Canada for 4 cents a minute.

So in protest to this huge raise in the price of a call. I will make sure to keep my balance topped up on my card and I will not be putting anymore money into payphones.

Smog City

The smog was so thick that I could actually see it in the air, sticking to the city as I drove over the Skyway Bridge yesterday. It is always worse when the heat gets extremely unbearable. If we are issued a heat advisory, a smog advisory goes with it. It is like the two are inseparable; like network television and commercials.

It looks like it is going to be a scorcher of a summer this year. It just started and we have had humidex advisories all week. The radio has been encouraging the elderly and those with breathing problems to stay indoors because of the smog.

I know that smog can’t be healthy for you. I’m glad that I am young and that I don’t really have to worry about it, but I do. I don’t let it stop me from going out and doing what I want to do, but it does make me think twice about going for a run in the middle of the afternoon. There is a lot less smog and heat early in the morning.

I guess there is no escaping it. Smog is our yearly summer visitor that I don’t like to welcome. I try to do my part to cut down on pollution. Much Music is running a campaign right now called “Flick Off” that reminds us to turn things off when we are not using them. It’s a small thing that I guess we can all do. I don’t think it will chase our nemesis smog away but I will do my part.

Computer Problems

I can’t seem to get my mom’s computer to work right. It takes me forever to log onto my blog. The screens don’t load up properly and sometimes no text even appears. The only way I can actually get it to work is by going through a back door type of way. It is really a hassle.

I wonder if it is because she has a iMac? Do Macs not work right on certain websites? Or is it just because her computer is more even outdated and ancient than mine is?

I miss not having a reliable Internet station like I did when school was still in session. At least I can get this to work if I fool around with it for a little while.

Tonight, my mom and I are going to go to the public library. I don’t think I can get a card since I don’t live here. I might have to wait until I get back to my own place in a week. At the very least, I should be able to use her card to log on to the computer workstations there.

If not, I will keep plugging away at this Mac, hoping that my blogging will continue. If not, please be patient as I love this way too much to stop.


Different Computer Different Temperament

I wonder why different computers seem to have different temperaments. I am on summer vacation now and am visiting my mom for a couple of weeks. She has a Mac that is more than a couple of years old. The computer works just fine for everything she wants to do with it. For me, though, it is being a little uncooperative.

The problem is that my flash drives will not work on this computer. Blogger doesn’t seem to load up correctly. I can’t even read ECD’s blog. It will load up but the type is just an incoherent blur. I don’t know why.

I don’t have much experience with Macs either. They work slightly different. At least I can still blog. I love blogging. Too bad some of my favourite blogs won’t load up correctly on this computer.

Just keep in mind that for the time being, I am having some difficulty with this computer. I will post but I might not be able to reply as often as I would like to.

I Wish I Could Do More

I wish I could do more.
But it’s over.
It’s done.
Ten months together.
180 instructional days.
Three reports cards for each student.
Lots of time.
Quality time.
Time’s run out.
Time for summer vacation.
Time to part ways.
It came too soon.
It was a good year.
I wish I could do more
than just hope that I’ve done enough.

Teacher Blues

I’ll always seem to get depressed on the last day of school. It happens every year. I stand around and look at an empty classroom. The walls are bare. The desks are pushed to the side of the room. The resources are all boxed up. It seems unnervingly empty.
I don’t want to leave it.

But it is just an empty classroom. So why don’t I want to leave?

I think it is partly because it is hard to say goodbye. I spend a lot of time with my students every year. It is an intense period where I am concerned about their welfare, grades, potential, learning, and life overall.

When the bell rings on that last day, summer vacation starts. The students tend to run out of the school as fast as they do every day. But it is not just like everyday. When they leave on the last day, I won’t see some of them again. Some of the students will move or go to a new school next year. Most of them I will see again in September, but they will be in a different class. It’s just not the same.

I usually have two or three who stick around for a while on that last day and help me do a final clean up. It is nice to spend a little more time together so I appreciate it. When the class is finally cleaned up and everything is packed up, I hesitate to leave.

This year was a really good year too. I had a great bunch of kids and I will miss them. The year seemed to fly by. I don’t know where the time went. I just hope they had as an enjoyable a year as I had. I hope they learned everything I tried to teach them. I hope they have a great summer. I wish them all the best.

I am feeling a little blue right now. But it will pass and in some ways, I will always be connected to every student I ever taught. That’s a comforting feeling. It’s a strange feeling though and it is hard to explain. All I know is that it happens to me ever year and I’m not sure I’ve done it justice here. I guess I can sum it up as “Teacher Blues” and I’ve got quite the case of it right now.

More Rude Awakenings

I am a light sleeper which can sometimes be a pain. Like this past week, I was rudely awakened in the middle of a good night’s sleep. I could hear a faint buzzing sound. I lay there in bed thinking that it was absolutely crazy that I was woken up by a tiny little insect.

Mosquitoes are a pain. And they have been extremely bad as of late. So I rolled over and switched on the light. I decided that this mosquito was not going to get me. I would hunt him instead.

It took me five minutes to track him down and squish the would-be attacker. Of course after I did that I couldn’t get back to sleep. I am not used to getting up in the middle of the night. It was only four o’clock in the morning and three hours before I normally get up. But there was no getting over it. I couldn’t get back to sleep so I turned on the movie network and watched a movie.

A few days later, another mosquito somehow made its way into my bedroom and woke me up again. I quickly turned on the light and saw that the dreaded bug was not even close to my head. How could I possibly hear the mosquito when it was so far away from me? I can’t believe that I have become this light of a sleeper.

I just hope that mosquito season is over soon. I need my sleep and the only time I like to share my blood is when I donate at Canadian Blood Services.

Fuel Exhausted

My recent obsession flared up for a while but my fuel is just about exhausted. Just in case you haven’t been reading my blog, I have become obsessed with blogging. I love reading and writing entries and responses. I have found four blogs that I really enjoy reading and you can visit the sidebar to check them out if you want. I regularly surf for other blogs of interest as well.

I don’t have the Internet at home but have been enjoying it at the house I was house-sitting at. Well, that stint has ended so I am back to just having the Internet at school. Normally that would be just fine with me, but of course, my computer in the classroom went on the fritz this week. So I had to go to the computer lab to do all my blogging for the past week. As such, I haven’t been able to spend as much time reading blogs as I would have liked to.

The school year is quickly coming to a close too. This is the last week. Once school is over, I will need to visit the public library for my Internet service. The only problem there is that you are limited to one hour, but I think I can make it work. I need to, because I don’t think I can afford to get the Internet at home for a few reasons. Number 1, my computer is really old and outdated. Number 2, I can’t really afford another bill right now.

My fuel isn’t exhausted per se then, it is just rationed now. I will still read and write every weekday whenever possible. I look forward to a great summer of blogging. Thanks for being with me.

Award Show Bliss

Much Music really knows how to put on an award show. They don’t just host it inside a boring convention centre. Nope. They shut down the streets all around the building in downtown Toronto. They have stages in the building, outside in the parking lot, down the street, and even on the roof. And unlike other award shows, they open it up to the public so that tens of thousands of fans can attend the show. It is truly unlike any other award show I have ever seen.

This yearly award show never fails to disappoint. Last night was no exception. The Much Music Video Awards honour the best in Canadian and International music videos. It is nice to see Canadian talent honoured like this. And the event seems to be more about fun and celebrating the moment rather than just the awards.

The performances were all very good, save for one non-Canadian band that thought they had to swear as much as they could all night long. They started as soon as they got out of their vehicle on the red carpet. I am not even going to mention who they are because that just gives them attention. Needless to say they just looked like idiots. Their use of profanity was not witty or funny in any way. It was just a desperate grab for attention.

Some of my picks won; Avril Lavigne and Billy Talent. I think Classified and Nickelback should have won an award, they were nominated. Needless to say, that these are four really talented acts. Congratulations to them all! And Kudos to Much Music for putting on a great show.